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  • The Häcker Style Spectrum | The Seamlessly Modern 

    Seamlessly Modern kitchens are a tribute to the beauty of simplicity. These kitchens boast a clean, uncluttered aesthetic, handleless cabinets,…

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  • The Häcker Style Spectrum | The Modern Eclectic

    The third style on The Häcker Style Spectrum is Modern Eclectic, a unique design that blends different design elements from…

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  • The Häcker Style Spectrum | The Contemporary Classic 

    Step into the world of style with Contemporary Classic kitchens that convey opulence and timelessness with the perfect fusion of…

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  • The Häcker Style Spectrum | The Classic Elegance

    The Häcker Style Spectrum is a tool we have developed to guide you to selecting the ideal style for your…

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  • Creating a Kitchen for Entertaining

    As the kitchen continues to evolve into a multi-use space in the home, many people enjoy utilising it as an…

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  • Preparing for Your Kitchen Consultation

    Beginning your kitchen design journey is an exciting experience. An experienced kitchen designer will be able to guide you through…

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  • How Does Kitchen Design Influence Home Interiors?

    The Häcker Style Spectrum is an excellent starting point for your discussions with your expert kitchen designer. Senior Designer Rohit…

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  • The Häcker Style Spectrum

    At Häcker Kitchens, anything is possible. At our Dubai showroom you can select from a virtually limitless array of materials,…

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  • Nature-inspired Kitchen Design

    Senior Designer Rohit Patel explains how kitchens can be inspired by nature to improve your sense of wellbeing and create…

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  • A Häcker Kitchen That Reflects Your Style

    Every kitchen is a carefully considered investment. At Häcker our expert designers have years of experience in helping clients build the kitchens that are uncompromisingly…

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