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Intelligently designed functionality is the hallmark of every Häcker Kitchen. Our partner brands offer you innovative, premium appliances featuring a bespoke combination of contemporary functionality and command over design, skillfully fitted to suit your style. With Häcker, masterful kitchens are the rule and our appliances are no exception.

Orchestrate a luxurious culinary experience with our versatile range of modular cooktops. Choose from among induction and gas cooktops, add in a teppanyaki grill, or splurge on a full surface stove. Häcker offers you the widest range of quality-tested options to create the ultimate cooktop.

Choose from among precision crafted ovens, created out of the finest material, and tested rigorously for safety and durability. These intelligently designed ovens deliver style and functionality in beautifully crafted forms that reflect both you and your culinary pursuits.

Thoughtfully crafted so every dish is served at the perfect temperature, our warming drawers guarantee your kitchen aids your gastronomical pursuits. With a range of style and lighting options to choose from, your kitchen will look and function like a dream.

Noiseless extractors, with versatile mounting and functionality features, function seamlessly to create a kitchen that’s a space for more than the craft of cooking, a kitchen that clears the air and makes space for you.

In a Häcker kitchen, your morning beverage is never less than perfect. The luxurious range of fully-automated coffee makers from our partner brands fit seamlessly with cabinetry to deliver a kitchen that is streamlined to perfection.

Invest in a kitchen that turns cooling into a science with Häcker’s vast selection of bespoke full-size, wine, and under-counter cooling options in a diverse range of designs, widths, and styles. Our cooling units are thoughtfully designed and fitted to deliver a striking focal point in every Häcker kitchen.

Give your prized crockery and glassware the gentle care they deserve with dishwashers that function quietly and efficiently. Our partner brands offer you flexible mobility options, remote access, and unsurpassed personalisation options to integrate into your luxury Häcker kitchen.

Mastercraftsmen in their own right, our partners elevate our kitchens.


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    A Häcker Kitchen That Reflects Your Style

    Every kitchen is a carefully considered investment. At Häcker our expert designers have years of experience in helping clients build the kitchens that are uncompromisingly functional and stylish. To better understand your visual requirements from a kitchen, we’ve created three broad styles that help our…

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    Häcker Kitchens: the World’s Most Sustainably Manufactured Kitchens

    From our humble beginnings in Rödinghausena, Germany, Häcker is now present in over 60 countries. Through 12 decades of craftsmanship, we’ve learnt to give back as much as we take. Responsibility towards the planet underpins every Häcker kitchen influencing everything we do, from how we source our…

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