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  • Optimising Efficiency Through Kitchen Design

    Designer Amrin Khatoon explains ways to infuse efficiency into kitchen design to minimize effort and movement within.  From meal preps…

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  • An Essential Guide to Purchasing Your Dream Luxury Kitchen

    The world of kitchen design is a maelstrom of information, stories and choices. Literally thousands of kitchen manufacturers and dozens…

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  • Every Kitchen Tells a Story

    Designer Billy Osborne explores the differences in kitchens across cultures. Human culture is invariably distinct and intricate. As you travel…

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  • Silent-move Range of Kitchens That Reimagine Motion and Integration

    Senior Designer Rohit Patel introduces Häcker’s elegant answer to the demanding versatility of the contemporary kitchen.  Kitchens are a multi-functional…

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  • Häcker’s Tropicalised Kitchens: on a Mission to Disrupt the Middle East Kitchen Industry

    A kitchen is the heart of your home and a centerstage of activity. From preparing savoury meals to meaningful conversations…

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  • Wellness-inspired Conscious Kitchen Designs

    In our fast-paced lives, kitchens are central to activities that matter to us – health, nutrition, laughter, conversations, family bonding…

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