Classic Elegance

A kitchen that speaks of timeless warmth and comfort with its expressive juxtapositions of open shelving, rustic wall units, and antique display shelves. Beautifully detailed decorative pillars and columns, ornate iron handles, and hand-crafted doors leave Häcker’s Classic Elegance style reminiscent of ancient legacy. Here is a kitchen that boasts a glorious blend of contemporary functionality and evergreen nostalgia.


It’s all in the details


Every good meal is a medley of ingredients, as are our kitchens. Häcker skilfully combines textures, colours and materials to create a seamless space that reflects you.

Every element in a Häcker kitchen is carefully picked, keeping design, quality and functionality in mind. Our kitchens are a sum of their parts.

Solid wood frames and antique glass displays reminiscent of classic luxury. Choose from our versatile range of materials to create the timeless space that you want your kitchen to be.

A limitless range of timeless colours create a soothing space with a hint of sentimentality. Häcker offers you comforting and familiar palettes to help you colour your home in your style.

Choose between natural stone countertops blending functionality and charm or fanciful marble with ornate Venetian edges. Our wide range of countertop options are engineered to be beautiful, functional, and easy to maintain.

Häcker’s trademark MOVE system incorporated organisation units help effortlessly maintain order, leaving you a kitchen that stays picture-perfect.

Add a touch of picturesque charm to your traditional kitchen with our versatile range of contemporary, integrated, and classic farmhouse sinks, in a range of colours and sizes, tailored to fit your lifestyle.

Our line of gold, brass and copper taps lend an elegant and pastoral atmosphere to Häcker’s classic kitchens. Choose a style that matches you and leave function to us.

Our Portfolio

Abu Dhabi Elegance
classic-Abu Dhabi Elegance
Magnificent Mirador
classic-Magnificent Mirador
Polished Palm Jumeirah
classic-Polished Palm Jumeirah
Savannah Sophistication
Classic- Savannah Sophistication
Timeless in Jumeirah
Classic-Timeless in Jumeirah

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