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  • All you see is clarity with invisible downdraft ventilation series

    Obnoxious smells and cooking fumes can cloud the kitchen air. That’s why a direct ventilation system near the cooking area…

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  • An essential guide to purchasing your dream luxury kitchen

    The world of kitchen design is a maelstrom of information, stories and choices. Literally thousands of kitchen manufacturers and dozens…

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  • Every kitchen tells a story

    Human culture is invariably distinct and complex worldwide. As you travel across different continents, you discover different cultural connotations in…

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  • Silent-move range of kitchens that reimagine motion and integration

    Kitchens are bustling spaces with loads of activities. Just imagine gliding your way with precision through the most complex culinary…

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  • Kitchen waste separation units – Doing your bit for the environment

    Kitchens generate lot of waste;  most of which can be recycled if segregated correctly. Häcker, luxury German kitchen manufacturer, thoughtfully…

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  • Häcker’s Tropicalised Kitchens: On a mission to disrupt the Middle East Kitchen Industry

    A kitchen is the heart of your home and a centerstage of activity. From preparing savoury meals to meaningful conversations…

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  • Wellness-inspired Conscious Kitchen designs

    In our fast-paced lives, kitchens are central to activities that matter to us – health, nutrition, laughter, conversations, family bonding…

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  • The best countertops for a busy kitchen

    There was a time when perfectly picked countertops were just sturdy surfaces to ground your kitchen activities. Contemporary times have elevated the…

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  • Häcker Kitchens: Cabinets that embody style

    Over a hundred years, Häcker has mastered the alchemy of turning the finest quality of wood, metal, and stone into luxurious and…

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  • Redefining streamlined – handleless kitchen cabinets

    Kitchen cabinetry has seen decades of shifting trends. The wooden fronts, the glass displays, the open shelves, the floating shelves, the gables. Cabinets have been modified and remodified to…

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