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Beautifully cut, luxurious worktops designed to withstand the test of time. Häcker brings you premium countertops, perfectly cut and seamlessly integrated. Highly resistant and easy to maintain, choose from a range of exceptional countertops crafted just for you.

Choose from among eased, bullnose, ogee, and bevelled edges to set off Häcker’s opulent countertops. Skillfully crafted for durability and easy maintenance these edges add a little flamboyance to every worktop.

Clever use of space is the hallmark of every Häcker design. Our concealed worktops keep your kitchen looking luxuriously spacious while delivering the gamut of functionality that comes with every Häcker kitchen.

A naturally occurring, crystalline mineral, quartz is among the most resistant materials found on our planet and presents unparalleled versatility in colour and patterns. Unmatched durability allows quartz to sustain even the most intricate edge designs, making it an excellent choice for intricate or ornate styles.

The archetype of luxury kitchens, granite offers function and form that never goes out of style. Granite’s distinctive grain, born from the depths of the earth, lends your countertops a truly bespoke texture. This natural stone is both heat and scratch resistant making maintaining your countertop an effortless task.

An emblem of classic architecture, marble countertops offer a luxurious blend of sophistication and durability. Choose from a wide range of premium marble countertops for a kitchen that perfectly reflects your lifestyle.

Crafted to achieve striking patterns and bold interplays of texture, ceramic offers versatility of style like no other material. Pick from an array of diverse finishes, from ultra-modern to classic traditional, to create a kitchen that matches your style.

Mastercraftsmen in their own right, our partners elevate our kitchens.


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    The centerstage for culinary action, countertops are focal points in every kitchen. Chosen carefully, countertops can set the tone for your kitchen’s style, delivering intelligent functionality and luxurious aesthetics. Functionality mandates durability, and countertops are no exception. At Häcker, kitchens are built with a deep…

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