Modern Eclectic

Effortlessly stylish, Modern Eclectic kitchens bend the rules to blend seamlessness with trending design. Often marrying multiple styles, Modern Eclectic does not limit itself to guidelines, but instead reflects personality through design in whatever way necessary. Whether it’s through the choice of materials or the selection of appliances, these kitchens are designed to integrate beautifully into your life.


It’s All in the Details


Every good meal is a medley of ingredients, as are our kitchens. Häcker skilfully combines textures, colours, and materials to create a seamless space that reflects you.

Every element in a Häcker kitchen is carefully picked, keeping design, quality and functionality in mind. Our kitchens are a sum of their parts.

Play with a mix of luxurious materials for a kitchen that matches your Modern Eclectic style and truly takes advantage of Häcker’s virtually limitless choices. Combine imposing stone with natural wood or bold coloured fronts with elegantly understated worktops to create a kitchen that matches your personality to perfection.

You pick the colour, we create the masterpiece. Our rich and diverse colours are derived from a unique combination of high-level physical processes, subtle craftsmanship, and pure chemistry, meticulously practised inside the Häcker factory. Whether you splash out in colour or maintain a neutral zone, the choice is yours in this opulent kitchen style.

Choose between exquisitely veined marble, boldly coloured quartz, elegant ceramic, and luxurious granite for a kitchen that is exceptionally stylish and uncompromisingly resistant.

Häcker’s trademark MOVE system incorporated organisation units help effortlessly maintain order, leaving you a kitchen that stays picture-perfect.

Select a sink to make a statement or underplay it to blend with your style; our wide range of sinks offers customisable options that look as magnificent as they are functional.

Choose from our expansive range of intelligently designed multipurpose taps that dispense boiling, chilled, filtered and sparkling water at the press of a lever. With Häcker, every drop of water that enters your kitchen is tailored for you.

Our Portfolio

Opulence at Umm Suqeim
ultimate-Opulence at Umm Suqeim
Palm Jumeirah Splendor
ultimate-Palm Jumeirah Splendor
Resplendent Cayan Tower
ultimate-Resplendent Cayan Tower
Ultimate Dream at La Reve
Ultimate-Ultimate Dream at La Reve
Vibrant Victory Heights
ultimate-Vibrant Victory Heights

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