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The Process

The Process
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Over 12 decades, we have honed our craft to perfectly capture every client’s aspiration and turn them into the most luxurious kitchen imaginable, in a seamless and transparent way. This intelligently built efficiency allows Häcker to deliver your kitchen in as little as ten weeks.

  • Discovery Step 01 Discovery

    The creation of a bespoke client profile based on our team’s expert assessment.

  • Design Step 02 Design

    Embodying the aspirations of the client into a design that prioritises luxury and functionality equally.

  • Production Step 03 Production

    Following design approval, the kitchen will be produced in Germany to the client’s exact specifications.

  • Installation Step 04 Installation

    Once the kitchen has arrived, our team will work closely with contractors to ensure the installation is done to the highest standards.

  • Aftercare Step 05 Aftercare

    Our team is ready to assist with any issues and will also be available to periodically service your kitchen.

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