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Few elements are as indispensable as sinks and taps in a kitchen which is why Häcker offers you an extravagant variety of options from iconic farmhouse styles to contemporary stainless steel, in a range of sizes. Taps from our partner brands are elegantly designed and offer luxurious functionality making your kitchen modernist from function to form.

Minimalist and sleek, integrated sinks are available in an incredible variety of materials from stainless steel and copper to quartz and marble, and in enticing finishes like brushed nickel, antique copper, slate, and ash. Integrated sinks equip your Häcker kitchen with a seamless, unified look.

Built for durability and practicality, this classic sink, with its iconic exposed lip, has graced the world’s finest kitchens for over a century with its timeless, practical, and beautiful design. Ideal for modern or traditional looking kitchens, Häcker masterfully incorporates these classic sinks to lend your kitchen an iconic style.

Years of bespoke craftsmanship makes Häcker excellent at accomodating diverse culinary needs and cultures. Every Häcker kitchen features fully customisable sinks that are centred around your lifestyle. Choose from among individual, one and a half, and double sinks in a range of sizes to create a kitchen that truly works for you.

Intelligently designed multipurpose taps that dispense boiling, chilled, filtered, and sparkling water at the press of a lever. Choose from an extravagant range of impeccably styled faucets to add elegance and premium functionality to your kitchen.

Mastercraftsmen in Their Own Right, Our Partners Elevate Our Kitchens.


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