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Great lighting instantly elevates any space and kitchens are no exception. Play with ambient and task lighting, and a limitless choice of versatile and ultramodern lighting to create a kitchen that reflects your mood and accommodates your style.

Add functional flair to your kitchen with our diverse range of pendant lights, sourced from the most premium brands in the industry. Work with modern shapes and versatile luminosity to bring out the exceptional flamboyance of a Häcker kitchen.

Chandeliers capture the essence of light, conjuring up images of royalty and ultimate luxury. Choose between the splendour of ornate Venetian chandeliers and the sleek, modernity of contemporary designs to give your Häcker kitchen an awe-inspiring style.

A tasteful blend of architecture, sculpting, and design, Häcker offers you a range of exclusive, bespoke art piece choices, crafted by masters of decorative lighting. Skillfully incorporated by design experts, your kitchen will be home to the greats.

Intelligent design is a hallmark of every Häcker kitchen and our integrated lighting attests to it. Häcker plays with integrated lighting built into handles and draws to increase visibility, and accentuate your exquisite taste.

Mastercraftsmen in Their Own Right, Our Partners Elevate Our Kitchens.


  • Ceramic Countertop 1
    A Häcker Kitchen That Reflects Your Style

    Every kitchen is a carefully considered investment. At Häcker our expert designers have years of experience in helping clients build the kitchens that are uncompromisingly functional and stylish. To better understand your visual requirements from a kitchen, we’ve created three broad styles that help our…

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  • Wooden Fronts 3
    Häcker Kitchens: the World’s Most Sustainably Manufactured Kitchens

    From our humble beginnings in Rödinghausena, Germany, Häcker is now present in over 60 countries. Through 12 decades of craftsmanship, we’ve learnt to give back as much as we take. Responsibility towards the planet underpins every Häcker kitchen influencing everything we do, from how we source our…

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