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At Häcker Kitchens, we firmly believe that the finest results are achieved through vision and passion. Each member of the Häcker team is an expert in their field; what unites us is an unequivocal passion for intelligently designed kitchens. Together, we commit to building the world’s best luxury kitchens. Discover more about our enthusiastic team below.

Raj Ranavaya Managing Director at Häcker Kitchens Dubai

A co-founder of Häcker Kitchens Dubai, Raj started his journey in textile manufacturing for upholstery and soft furnishings in the UK. Staying within the world of interiors, Raj went on to bring Häcker Kitchens center stage in Dubai. A firm believer in the ethos that one must simply create a space that brings out the best in everyone, Raj leads the team with a steadfast vision through nurturing talent and unlocking their potential. Having created Häcker Kitchens Dubai on a foundation of uncompromised integrity and excellence, he continues to oversee its growth as the leading luxury kitchen brands in the UAE.

David McCreath Director of Sales at Häcker Kitchens Dubai

Having started his career in a kitchen studio in Oxford, England, David now travels across Asia and Africa, designing ultra-luxurious kitchens to meet the multi-faceted requirements of the most demanding chefs, professional cooks, VIPS and celebrities. Leading the team as Director of Sales at Häcker, he’s an ardent believer in the pursuit of intelligent design. David is to Häcker what functionality is to our kitchens – integral. Having started his career in the UK, David has since worked on lead projects in across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia specialising in high-end luxury projects.

Julia Eissing Senior Designer
Häcker Kitchens Dubai

A global expert in luxury interior design, Julia has designed luxury interiors for some of Europe's most discerning clientele. Her vast experience in the luxury interiors has helped her specialise in German kitchen design. Sharing both Häcker’s German heritage and international outlook, Julia crafts some of the most striking spaces and functional solutions for Häcker clients across the globe. Her unique combination of incredible design expertise, years of luxury décor expertise and unmatched understanding of global cooking cultures help her build impeccable kitchens for Häcker in countries as diverse as Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Morocco, Germany, Scandinavia, America, India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria.

Rohit Patel Senior Designer at Häcker Kitchens Dubai

A keen eye for detail sets Rohit’s exceptional designs apart. To Häcker he brings extensive product and material knowledge, building truly bespoke kitchens, that has our clients coming back for more. Rohit has 12 years of luxury kitchen design experience in the UK and an astute understanding of culturally diverse clients’ needs. His high-spirited personality brings positivity to the team and thoughtfully crafted kitchens for our clients.

John McWhinnie Senior Designer at Häcker Kitchens Dubai

A prolific interior designer, John has over 35 years of experience in luxury kitchen design in London. Originating from the UK, John is vehement about every facet of design and brings this zeal to life when working with leading architects, designers, and the most discerning clients in Dubai. Starting with a joinery apprenticeship in the UK, he quickly moved on to installation project management and then onto kitchen design for several top London kitchen companies. Backed by years of practical experience combined with cutting edge design, has propelled him to head some amazing projects resulting in sophisticated luxury kitchens that not only look stunning but are practical to use. From opulent multimillion dirham kitchens in amazing residential locations to professional restaurant kitchens, John has worked on a diverse set of projects and has won several design awards along the way.

Philip Northrop Senior Installation Manager at Häcker Kitchens Dubai

An industry powerhouse with a global career spanning 30 years, Philip drives the Häcker installation team, using his considerable international experience to support clients as they go through their design journey. Proactive, assertive and with a strong background in interior design, Philip’s excellent attention to detail and quality control ensures that the Häcker clients’ expectations are always exceeded. Working closely with our installation teams, Philip oversees all elements of projects as they progress, and guides and updates clients with crucial information.

Haris Bin Saeed Director Of Finance and Operations at Häcker Kitchens Dubai

An ingenious mathematician, Haris keeps Häcker on its toes. Heading the finance and operations at Häcker, he ensures that all operations are in line with the most stringent international accounting standards. His incredible skill at extracting maximum value on investments, through carefully created, seamless purchase processes, makes Haris a happy addition to every client’s Hacker experience. His 6-sigma qualification is the driving force behind our ‘right the first time’ approach, making every experience an organised and seamless one. A dynamic and result oriented Chartered Accountant and a UK graduate with well-diversified experience in auditing, taxation, book-keeping, financial management, and budgeting, Haris has experience working in top Fortune 500 MNCs and UAE based companies.

Nizar Bacha Installation Manager at Häcker Kitchens Dubai

Passionate about details and delivering to exacting standards, Nizar plays a crucial role in the Häcker Kitchens installation team, ensuring that the client’s exact design vision and concept are delivered. With a strong background in retail and hospitality interiors, Nizar has exceptional technical knowledge and organisational skills and takes great care to make sure every element of a Häcker Kitchen project is handled seamlessly. As a key point of contact for our clients, Nizar uses his excellent attention to detail and communications skills to coordinate with multiple stakeholders and guide Häcker clients through the installation process. Leading and managing the Häcker Kitchens installation team, Nizar sets the standard for every installation, ensuring the highest standards of quality, health and safety, customer service and customer satisfaction are achieved.

Rhys Chappell Master Technician at Häcker Kitchens Dubai

A leading master technician with over 20 years of experience in interior installation, Rhys has an exceptional eye for details, with every piece of work entailing precision. With full-fledged knowledge of and intense expertise in the carpentry world, he steps into the role of a mentor, ushering his team to perfection on every project they undertake. Rhys has worked on some of the most prestigious Häcker installations in London, Dubai, and East Africa.

Chiara Porcu Designer at Häcker Kitchens Dubai

Chiara’s global experience across Europe, Australia, and the Middle East and her fluency in four languages have influenced her highly multicultural approach to design. Her appreciation for different cultures helps her ask the right questions to understand and design for diverse clients. Her passion is working directly with clients to create a kitchen they will truly enjoy. Chiara studied in Milan and holds a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in design. She speaks English, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese fluently.

Tarek Dawood Designer at Häcker Kitchens Dubai

With a career spanning over a decade in the kitchen industry in both Egypt and the UAE, Tarek Dawood’s experience enables him to understand the nuance in every client conversation and assess their requirements quickly. An expert listener, Tarek is able to design a kitchen to meet every client’s lifestyle, needs, and budget. His meticulous approach to each project leads to outcomes that exceed expectations every time. Tarek is a bilingual Arabic and English speaker and an MBA candidate at Modul University Vienna.

Amrin Khatoon Designer at Häcker Kitchens Dubai

Fueled by fond memories of cooking with her mother at a young age, Amrin’s love for the kitchen has been a lifelong passion. She began her journey with Häcker in 2012 in Hyderabad and has remained with the brand for over a decade. Amrin creates a highly interactive experience for every client to understand who they are and where they are coming from so that she can design a kitchen that reflects even their unspoken desires. Amrin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and speaks Arabic, English, Hindi, and Urdu.

Billy Osborne Designer at Häcker Kitchens Dubai

A people person by nature, Billy uses his flair for building rapport to develop strong client relationships during the design process. Prior to moving to the UAE, Billy began his career in 2018 in London where he established a solid foundation in European kitchen design. Using his stellar relationship building skills, he is able to quickly understand what clients are seeking from the moment they enter the showroom, and he thrives on the variety that arises from Innerspace’s diverse client base. Billy is also responsible for business development at Innerspace and serves as an integral bridge between our brands and external partners.

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