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The Häcker Style Spectrum

08 September 2022

At Häcker Kitchens, anything is possible. At our Dubai showroom you can select from a virtually limitless array of materials, colors, stones, finishes, and more to create a kitchen that inspires the imagination.

The style of your kitchen is a highly personal decision. Häcker’s vast assortment of materials allows you to design a kitchen in any style that reflects your aesthetic and desires. Our Style Spectrum serves as a reflection of the most requested designs. These categories serve as a guide for prospective customers, but do not limit what is possible at Häcker in any way.

Classic Elegance
Feelings of nostalgia and comfort are evoked by Classic Elegance kitchens and their timeless style. The use of natural materials and soft colors results in traditional comfort that is elevated with state-of-the-art technology.

Classic Elegance Kitchen in Palm Jumeirah
Classic Elegance kitchen in Dubai Hills
Classic Elegance kitchen in Al Barari

Common elements

  • framed doors (including Shaker)
  • traditional handles and knobs
  • colored metals such as gold, copper, brass, and nickel
  • natural wood
  • soft colors
  • ornate worktop profiles/edges
  • open shelving
  • ceramic sinks such as butler, farmhouse, and Belfast
  • traditional tap styles
  • cornices and pelmets
  • segmented sections
  • pilaster columns
  • tongue and groove panels
  • decorative mantles
  • antique glass
  • large appliances/exposed appliance fronts

Contemporary Classic
Contemporary Classic kitchens step into today’s world of style while retaining the cosiness of traditional design. Applying modern touches to evolve classic design while retaining its charm results in a beautiful kitchen that will remain timeless.

Contemporary Classic kitchen in Al Barari
Contemporary Classic kitchen in Palm Jumeirah
Contemporary Classic kitchen in Dubai Hills

Common elements

  • less ornate than a Classic Elegance kitchen
  • cleaner lines
  • soft colors for cabinetry (pastels, creams, white)
  • most commonly use handles
  • mixing door styles with handle styles (traditional with modern or vice versa)
  • colored handles and hardware
  • integrated sinks
  • no pilasters
  • simple glass fronts
  • wood accents
  • veined worktops
  • straight edged worktops

Modern Eclectic

Effortlessly stylish, Modern Eclectic kitchens bend the rules to blend seamlessness with trending design. Often marrying multiple styles, Modern Eclectic does not limit itself to guidelines, but instead reflects personality through design in whatever way necessary.

Modern Eclectic kitchen in Dubai Hills
Modern Eclectic kitchen in Al Barari
Modern Eclectic kitchen in Palm Jumeirah

Common elements

  • handleless
  • bold choices
  • contrasting use of materials and colors
  • urban or industrial styles
  • wood accent
  • colored glass

Seamlessly Modern
Uninterrupted lines and clean simplicity are the hallmarks of Seamlessly Modern kitchens. A dream for purists, these highly functional spaces are defined by a streamlined look combined with the world’s best technology to create the perfect canvas for culinary adventures

Seamlessly Modern kitchen in Palm Jumeirah
Seamlessly Modern kitchen in Al Barari
Seamlessly Modern kitchen in Dubai Hills

Common elements

  • handle-less doors
  • 1 to 2 colors maximum, with white being most common
  • subtle and integrated lighting
  • stainless steel
  • glass
  • high gloss or matte lacquered fronts
  • fully integrated accessories and appliances – no exposed fronts

These style categories are a springboard to begin the discussion with your experienced kitchen designer. Make a note of the elements that appeal to you and our team at Häcker will be able to guide you to the kitchen of your dreams.

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