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Wellness-inspired Conscious Kitchen Designs

06 October 2021

In our fast-paced lives, kitchens are central to activities that matter to us – health, nutrition, laughter, conversations, family bonding and so on. The kitchen has transformed from a room dedicated to cooking to a multi-functional living space central to health and wellness. Espousing this paradigm shift, Häcker Kitchens Dubai prioritises health and safety and aims to revolutionise the Middle East’s kitchen industry.

Häcker offers bespoke luxury kitchen designs underpinned by quality and sustainability keeping in mind, health and wellness both for people and the planet. Here are the reasons why Häcker is one of Dubai’s safest luxury kitchen models:

Kitchens that bring back nature

From mindful production and installation, to designs that incorporate natural materials, Häcker kitchens are centred around nature. At Häcker we acknowledge the power of nature in aiding holistic wellbeing in addition to lending striking aesthetics. The science of ‘biophilia’- the innate tendency of human beings to form deep-rooted connections with nature is well recognised by the design team. Even with the proliferation of urban living, there is an increasing tendency for architectural design to imitate nature. Natural patterns of stone and elements of wood metamorphize your kitchen into a stress-free oasis of peace and serenity. Biophilic designs subconsciously boost overall well-being by alleviating stress, increasing your sense of well-being and igniting creativity in the kitchen space.

Toxin–free spaces

All Häcker kitchen furnishings are formaldehyde free as per Carb 2 standards. Formaldehyde is a strong-smelling, colourless chemical used in the manufacturing of pressed-wood products in modular kitchens. When subject to heat and humidity vapours emit toxic gases that are known to cause distressing illnesses. Using tested adhesives and a unique laser sealing technology, Häcker has eliminated this harmful chemical from the kitchen altogether ensuring pure fresh air practically free from harmful emissions.

Progressive mission

The RAL quality assurance seal certifies that all Häcker products adhere to quality systems in accordance with DIN ISO-9001 certification having met the requirements for quality, guaranteed safety, and healthy living. Leading the evolution of the region’s kitchen culture, Häcker is equipping clients, architects, and designers to make informed and safe decisions for a luxurious healthy kitchen.

Kitchens that inspire healthy practices – a true reflection of style, taste, and well-being!

Check out Häcker’s wellness-inspired high-end kitchen design ideas to get the most out of your kitchen and encourage a natural healthy lifestyle within. Speak to our design team at Häcker today.

*This blog has been adapted from the article ‘Häcker on the importance of biophilia in the kitchen space‘ originally published in Identity, the ultimate lifestyle magazine.

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