An Essential Guide to Purchasing Your Dream Luxury Kitchen

15 November 2021

The world of kitchen design is a maelstrom of information, stories and choices. Literally thousands of kitchen manufacturers and dozens of design studios exist in cities worldwide. Kitchen buyers need to make crucial decisions in the kitchen design process, and this warrants a considerable amount of time.

At Häcker Kitchens we believe in helping clients make fully informed decisions while selecting their dream kitchen. Here’s our guide to helping homeowners makes smart kitchen investments.

Age isn’t just a number

Nothing aids knowledge like experience does, and in the luxury kitchen industry age is not just a number. The company’s age speaks volumes about its level of innovation, the quality of its engineering and its ability to build enduring products. Evolution is a gradual time-tested process and over decades’ kitchen companies have refined their elements of design, material procurement, production processes and services. When buying a kitchen do consider how much experience it’s designers and manufacturers have.

Where lies your roots?

Leaders sets the tone of the brand and weave the culture of its organization. German organizational culture is synonymous with engineering excellence and innovation, and that is why they are at the forefront of technological advancement. German brands are renowned for their modular kitchen designs. Any product German-owned or made in Germany implies top quality with industry-leading technology. Generalisations are always tricky to mitigate, but do consider culture heritage and expertise when investing in your kitchen.

Size matters

Not only is size an indicator of a company’s success rate and high demand of its products, but its large production scale also translates to competitive pricing. This allows for high-value price-performance offers when products are compared like-for-like. When investing in a kitchen size is a great estimate of the size of your investment.

Do the books look good?

Paying substantial down payments on a kitchen order is quite normal and this is how the top manufacturers ensure their own financial stability. In the Middle East it could take over two months to receive the kitchen, due to the stages involved in manufacturing and shipping. The pandemic exposed the cracks of few famous manufacturers that put the client’s investment at risk and eventually leading to bankruptcy. Credit ratings are a great way of knowing whether you are investing in an organisation that can deliver returns. Look for the trusted AAA rating to ensure you receive value for the money you put in.

Is your kitchen built to last?

When modular kitchen designs originated in Europe, little did manufacturers know that German kitchens would become the kitchens of choice across the globe. Materials, furnishings, and production methods designed for European climates had to be painstakingly rebuilt to suit the hot and humid climates of the Middle East region. A kitchen that is 100% tropicalised or ‘Gulf Spec’ offers furnishings that are robust enough to endure heat and moisture prevalent in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Are promises backed by papers?

In the long run, claims of high-quality engineering and materials are only valid if they are backed by a solid, comprehensive warranty. Häcker offers you a  20-year warranty, because that is the amount of confidence we place in our product. Few brands can match this. It is critical to consider the kind of maintenance and repair assistance made available to you post installation when you are investing in a kitchen. A two decade warranty period speaks volumes about quality assurance.

Putting hammer to nail

Product, design and installation are interconnected elements of the dream kitchen experience. The installation phase makes or break the entire design. This is where expert and well experienced dedicated installation managers matter the most. Make sure to look out for ISO and Six Sigma certification in professional kitchen design studios. At Häcker we check and recheck every piece for defects and malfunction well ahead of the actual installation. With us you get only flawless kitchens, meticulously installed.

How will you know your kitchen is safe?

Formaldehyde, a strong-smelling colourless chemical, is used in the production of wood pressed furniture. When exposed to heat and humidity it emits toxic gases that cause serious health hazards. Häcker offers you cabinetry certified to be toxin free by reliable rating agencies in Germany. When choosing a kitchen, choose a Carb 2 compliant brand that has eliminated this harmful chemical altogether ensuring pure fresh air circulating within. A Carb 2 certification confirms that the kitchen is free from harmful emissions.

Giving back to the planet

As humans grow increasingly aware about the importance of conserving the Earth’s natural resources ‘Throwaway’ culture is reaching a tipping point. We no longer can afford to achieve unconstrained progress at the expense of the future. Responsibility towards the planet and sustainability influence consumer buying behaviour. Environmentally conscious clients need to examine if the brand is carbon-neutral and is the kitchen mindfully manufactured?

Kitchens that embody style and well-being

At Häcker, every luxury kitchen design is a carefully contemplated investment. Our team of luxury kitchen designers have years of experience in helping clients build kitchens that are uncompromisingly functional and magnificently stylish. Take your first step towards designing your dream kitchen . Get in touch with our expert team of kitchen designers today.

*This blog has been adapted from the article ‘Häcker Kitchens presents an essential guide to purchasing your dream luxury kitchen‘ originally published in Identity, the ultimate lifestyle-magazine.

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