How Does Kitchen Design Influence Home Interiors?

23 September 2022
Modern Hacker Kitchen

The Häcker Style Spectrum is an excellent starting point for your discussions with your expert kitchen designer. Senior Designer Rohit Patel explains how choosing your kitchen style influences design through the rest of your home and how each of the four styles of the Style Spectrum has specific effects.

A kitchen style contributes and plays a huge influence on the interior style of the rest of the home. Given it’s already the most important living space, which integrates the family and daily activities, choosing the right style is key to creating the perfect balance. The Häcker Style Spectrum has been created to alleviate the overwhelm that can arise when trying to choose the perfect style for you.

When selecting your kitchen style, it is important to understand the different options, the elements they entail, and how they will fit into your existing or new interior. Traditionally, kitchen and overall interior design styles have been defined by identifying the style of the property itself. Modern villas would command modern design, and more traditional architecture would lead to more traditional choices inside. Today, this approach is still followed but we are seeing more and more people break free from restricting themselves to the property design and instead choosing styles that are in line with their personal aesthetic.

The Häcker Style Spectrum is a reflection of the four most commonly requested style categories by our clientele: Classic Elegance, Contemporary Classic, Modern Eclectic, Seamlessly Modern. Each one impacts the rest of the home in a different way, and it’s important to understand how in order to create harmony and seamless flow between spaces.

Classic Elegance

Classic Kitchen Design in Dubai

This kitchen style is a popular choice due to its timeless design and style. Classic Elegance kitchens have been around for centuries, with craftmanship of natural materials that exudes sophistication.

Real wood is a key element of Classic Elegance kitchens and will feature heavily in homes that feature this style, hence the continuous popularity of this look. Details of this style typically continue through a home including patterns and intricate moulding, handwork on cornices, room skirtings, and door arches. Use of curves can be seen in walkways and furniture, and can be integrated into the kitchen as well. Metal hardware used throughout the home can be coordinated with the kitchen, matching doors knobs with sink taps and even accessories.

Contemporary Classic

Contemporary Kitchen Design in Dubai

This style is an infusion of trending design with ever-popular traditional style kitchens, thus the design of the rest of the home can also oscillate between the two. Blending is essential when it comes to Contemporary Classic kitchens.

An example could be the retention of traditional framed doors that are common in older homes. They can add the classic form but be softened via softer tones rather than traditional dark wood colors. Another common way of connecting these two styles is through furniture selection. The mixing of more rigid furniture structure with more organically shaped and colorful soft furnishings like throws or pillows offers a beautiful balance of elegance and comfort.

Modern Eclectic

Eclectic Kitchen Design in Dubai

This style is fluid and opens the door for homeowners to use a variety of finishes and textures across the home, creating a bold, modern feel. Trends are constantly changing, with new materials and ideas evolving, so there is no right or wrong when it comes to selecting a Modern Eclectic kitchen and applying that style to the rest of your home. This is a playful approach, which naturally reflects the user’s lifestyle.

A mix of materials is crucial to achieving this look, so feel free to combine natural materials like wood with more urban elements like metals to create the desired aesthetic.

Seamlessly Modern

Modern Kitchen Design in Dubai

This is a style for users who crave perfection. Design and function are paramount in this extremely minimal approach. While it doesn’t seem complicated, this simplistic kitchen look requires careful planning and thought. It’s a lifestyle that generally extends to the general home aesthetics to result in less visible clutter, minimal use of space, and an overall open, airy ambience. Clever hidden storage solutions are essential in the kitchen, but also throughout the home to keep mess at bay. Furniture and accessories should also be kept to a minimum.

Usually, these homes follow light, bright tones without too much contrast. It’s an easy rule to follow as it works for all spaces around the home. The calming effect is pleasing to the eye and cleaner overall.  

No matter what kitchen style from our spectrum inspires you, ensure you think about how it will fit in with the rest of your home so that you can create a space that flows effortlessly from room to room. Visit our expert kitchen designers at our Sheikh Zayed Road showroom to learn more about what style will best translate your aspirations and to begin your kitchen journey.

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