Häcker Kitchens: the World’s Most Sustainably Manufactured Kitchens

03 September 2021
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From our humble beginnings in Rödinghausena, Germany, Häcker is now present in over 60 countries. Through 12 decades of craftsmanship, we’ve learnt to give back as much as we take. Responsibility towards the planet underpins every Häcker kitchen influencing everything we do, from how we source our materials to how we ship our kitchens.  

Our manufacturing showroom in Rödinghausen creates the perfect synergy between modern machinery and traditional craftsmanship. Every Häcker Kitchen meets the highest standards for quality, and durability. Häcker kitchens are built with rigorous attention to resistance and functionality. In an increasingly fast-paced consumerist culture, Häcker kitchens are built to last.  

With sustainability at the heart of everything we do, Häcker’s production processes are carefully tailored to minimize negative environmental impacts. Our environmental management systems have been certified since 2009, and every Häcker kitchen is built by employees and suppliers who are active contributors to environmental protection. From eco-friendly packaging, and non-biodegradable waste reduction to optimised energy efficiency, here are a few ways we ensure our kitchens are built mindfully.  

Responsible sourcing

For over 12 decades, we have tried to give back as much as we harvest. Every Häcker kitchen incorporates top-quality wood certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). 

Carbon neutral production

Häcker’s production process has been certified carbon-neutral by DGM, the leading carbon auditor for furniture brands in Germany. Carbon emissions during the manufacturing process are carefully recorded and responsibly offset to the last unit. To take our commitment to the planet a step further, Häcker also supports impactful reforestation and hydro-power projects.  

Formaldehyde controlled cabinetry

Our PURemission Air Protection System ensures that your kitchen remains safe from toxic emissions, both during production and through its lifetime. With every Häcker kitchen, you get the promise of uncompromised safety.

Plastic-free Packaging

While common industry standards include the usage of foam blocks and polystyrene sheets, Häcker employs only environmentally friendly materials for load securing. Our shipping trailers are equipped with sturdy paper bags filled with cardboard waste to secure packages. 

As the only carbon-neutral luxury kitchen brand, Häcker delivers the promise of quality and exceptional functionality in a manner that is mindful of our planet.

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