A Häcker Kitchen That Reflects Your Style

07 December 2021
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Every kitchen is a carefully considered investment. At Häcker our expert designers have years of experience in helping clients build the kitchens that are uncompromisingly functional and stylish. To better understand your visual requirements from a kitchen, we’ve created three broad styles that help our designs meet your need. Häcker kitchens are built with microscopic precision exactly the way you want.  

Each Häcker kitchen is categorized into one of three overarching styles, carefully described to help you tell our designer exactly what you want. Read on to find your style. 

Ultimate Luxury

Every Häcker kitchen is magnificent, but some are extravagantly so. Oozing luxury, opulence lies at the core of this style. Every design element from countertops and cabinets to appliances and taps offers best-in-class functionality and only the finest aesthetics. This is a style defined by its lack of limitations, whether it’s imposing wall of mounts of rare volcanic rocks or masterful detailing in gold and semi-precious stone. Create a beautifully bespoke kitchen that matches your limitless imagination.  

Modern Simplicity

Make room for what matters with this elegantly restrained kitchen. Stripped down to its essence, this luxuriously minimalist style of kitchen relies on modern functionality to deliver uninterrupted, seamless spaces. Multi-functional taps eliminate the need for multiple water processing appliances and warming draws integrate beautifully with clean fronted cabinets to provide concealed heating solutions. Taking modernity to new heights, concealed worktops lend seamlessness to your kitchen without compromising on functionality. Carefully selected colour palettes create a soothing atmosphere leaving your kitchen an oasis of calm serenity. A place of uninterrupted serenity, here is a style where intelligent form meets luxurious functionality. 

Classic Elegance

Explore iconic architecture, reimagined to integrate contemporary functionality, with our Classic Elegance style of kitchens. Uplift your kitchen with a touch of reclaimed wood, revel in the classic style of Shaker cabinetry and bring it all together with ornate iron handles and antique display shelves. This style is for those who value timelessness, for those who enjoy a touch of nostalgia, and for those whose lifestyles pay homage to tradition without compromising on modern functionality. Häcker’s Classic Elegance style of kitchens brings you the glorious harmony of intelligent functionality and classic architecture. 

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