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A Dark Delight in Dubai Hills 

This charismatic kitchen in Sidra 1, designed by Amrin Khatoon, is carefully crafted to cater to the client’s brief. While she had opted for modern white kitchens in her other properties, she opted for a darker colour scheme for her new Dubai Hills home. The main cabinets feature a luxurious matte Graphite satin lacquer finish, while the island stands out with its rich Okobo Coffee Brown hue. Glass units are strategically incorporated into the design, not only to offer a glimpse of the interior contents but also to add a complementary black colour that beautifully harmonises with the sleek Siemens extractor. 

One of the client’s concerns was keeping this open kitchen near the living area tidy. To address this, Amrin introduced a higher level for the Absolute Black granite breakfast bar, cleverly concealing any potential clutter around the sink area. To add a touch of brightness and balance the darkness, Amrin incorporated the Miami White worktop by Silestone on the island. Another noteworthy aspect of this kitchen is the hidden door, which is disguised as a tall unit and seamlessly blends in with the tall units for continuity but actually serves as access to the laundry room. This discreet entrance not only maintains the kitchen’s aesthetic integrity but also optimises space utilisation. 

Storage was a crucial consideration, and this masterpiece provides ample space to accommodate all culinary essentials with its floor-to-ceiling cabinets. To enhance organisation and ease of use, the cabinets are equipped with internal storage solutions such as the LeMans corner accessory, pull-out supermarket, and pull-out waste bin. Additionally, the island contains numerous contains storage cabinets beneath the breakfast bar for storing serve ware.

For a cohesive design, our client chose a black Samsung fridge that is equipped with an ice and water dispenser, serving as a practical and visually harmonious element in the space. It also offers easy access to water for her children without needing a standalone water cooler. 

At Häcker, we understand the significance of the kitchen as the heart of the home. With 125 years of focused aspiration, our kitchens are meticulously built to perfection. 

Designer: Amrin Khatoon 
Photography: Alex Jeffries
Worktops: Silestone Miami White and Natural Black Granite 
Appliances: Siemens and Samsung 

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