Kitchen waste separation units – Doing your bit for the environment

28 October 2021

Kitchens generate lot of waste;  most of which can be recycled if segregated correctly. Häcker, luxury German kitchen manufacturer, thoughtfully offer efficient waste separation units as a perfect solution for categorizing and recycling waste and plus saving the environment from more filth. Interestingly, sustainability is at the core of every Häcker Kitchen design and responsibility towards the planet underpins choice of material and processes. Each unit is carefully fitted to minimize negative impact on the environment. 

Pull-out waste bins are inbuilt into base cabinets below the sink where most of the remnants are produced. Easy to open sliding drawers allow immediate disposal of thrash into partitioned containers– so it’s instantly out of sight and way- a perfect way to hide trash and keep the kitchen neat. . Three-tier collection containers sort different waste from dry items such as boxes, packages, bags, wet waste such as leftover food, scraps and peels, and plastic, glass and tins. Intelligent waste management technology keeps your kitchen clean and organized and cuts down environmental waste.

Let’s explore the many benefits of Häcker Kitchens ingenious waste separation units both for your home and the environment at large

Easy waste disposal flow

With bins situated beneath the sink where most of the food prep, cutting and cleaning occurs, you can conveniently discard leftovers. All organic waste – carrot peels and melon seeds – travel the closest distance to the collection container. Sturdy ergonomic handles on the pull-out bins allow easy lifting, emptying and cleaning. This well-organized system makes managing waste much more straightforward.

Cleanliness and hygiene

With waste divided and contained in closed bins straight away, there’s no more spills or litter on the floor.  This eliminates spread of germs, bacteria and cross contamination.   Integrated lids on closed units act as a handy shelf for extra storage of brushes, liners, cleaning materials to help you wipe away dirt. Layered with easy-to-clean surfaces, the bins ensure utter cleanliness in the kitchen and are a complete hygiene solution.

Home composting

Now that sorting of waste is super easy, vegetable or fruit peels, crushed eggshells, coffee filters, newspapers can go into one partition of the unit and then shifted to the composter outside. This nutrient rich compost is great for growing garden veggies and flowers. This way food scraps are put to good use plus the benefit is transferred back to the environment.

Protecting the environment

With planned separation unit, different valuable raw materials are fed back into recycling centres, protecting our environment from tons of landfill waste, while considerably reducing waste disposal costs.

Bring a sense of ease into your kitchen life.

While run-of-the-mill kitchens combine several standalone solutions, you can bring a great sense of ease into daily kitchen life by opting for smart integrated kitchen systems. At Häcker kitchens, the very best kitchen designers carefully select all components and materials to ensure seamless integration with one another in premium luxury kitchens. Inside masterfully planned layouts and hi-tech systems, Häcker modular kitchen units allow homeowners to work their way with ease and style.  

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