Making the Most of Your Luxury Kitchen Spaces

25 February 2022

Designer Tarek Dawood presents solutions to help you make the most of your luxury kitchen spaces.  

The kitchen is more often than not a hotspot of activities, rarely limited to cooking. From quick breakfasts, to working lunches and laid-back conversations over dinner, kitchens today accommodate a lot more than conventional meal prep.   

By embracing open-plan living, the world of kitchen design has gone through a dramatic lifestyle shift. Sufficient workspace, storage and unwinding areas transform your kitchen into a luxurious space that works for you, making life easier. As designers we work with a range of differently sized and shaped spaces, ensuring each space is intelligently and efficiently equipped to maximise functionality without taking away from style. Here are a few things to consider to make the most of your kitchen layout. 

Equipping small spaces 

If your floor plan offers limited kitchen space, then space-efficient ideas are key. An obvious way to make the most of space in the kitchen is to optimally utilize walls and cabinets. Smart inbuilt handleless storage units and sliding doors that open upwards help create effective storage in smaller spaces, while minimizing the noise of handles and knobs, giving the space a more refined and open appearance. Linear concealed appliances such as dishwashers, coffee machines, or touch-to-open warming drawers help create uniformity making a space seem bigger than it might be. Slimmer units of ovens and fridges without protrusions provide a complete solution for seamless movement. 

Filling up large spaces 

Quite the opposite of working with a smaller space, filling in bigger kitchen layouts mindfully presents a unique challenge. The layout needs to keep in mind ease of access without create vast empty spaces. Sprawling ceilings, decorative pillars and columns create magnificent opportunities for magnificent lighting and interplays of art, texture, and form. 

  • Luxury additions – A few mesmerizing art pieces, chandeliers, large freestanding appliances such as combination bake steam ovens that cook several dishes in one go are a perfect addition for multifunctional spacious kitchens, catering to all your needs. 
  • Alternate working kitchen station – The best contemporary kitchen designs involves aligning interior design concepts with a high degree of functionality. This could set a butcher’s stage for braised meat cutting, marinades, grilling, roasting for lock-in of flavours or a smoothie counter for relishing pulpy juices. 
  • Gourmet staging kitchens –Acting as self-service food and beverage counters, entertaining evenings whirl around multifunctional countertops letting you interact with guests while simultaneously using it as a food prep and eating surface.  From kitchen styling and design to clever tricks that make the buffet-style flow, it allows natural conversations with your guests whilst keeping an eye on everything. 

Kitchen as a living space  

Luxury modern kitchens are often designed with so much more in mind. Depending on the available space, you can combine food prep areas with dining and chill-out living zones into a synchronous luxury open-plan kitchen space. The most stylish kitchen layouts present endless possibilities that match your lifestyle needs. 

  • Coffee corner- Get your cosy in-at home coffee nook corner to kick back and enjoy a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee every morning, along with your favourite mugs or reads on the shelves. An addition of a bistro table and chairs create a cafe-inspired seating area for sipping piping hot joe. 
  • Bar counter- The kitchen space comes complete with a whisky bar and wine cellar, with wooden slabs that can be used as per homeowners’ whims and fancy as a movie zone or for playing indoor table games. A communal breakfast bar creates a laid-back informal space for doubling up on brunch for lazy weekend afternoons, creating an ultimate social space in the kitchen. 
  • Refreshing green zone- Open-plan spaces give you more capacity and flexibility when looking to relax. Kitchen balcony doors infiltrate spaces with revitalizing sunlight, leading you out to mini garden accents filled with organic plants. As an instant extension of your interiors, this inextricably links you to nature’s enduring beauty for reclining with loved ones. 

At Häcker – You imagine it, we design it  

The process of putting together your dream luxury kitchen at Häcker is very interactive. When our team of luxury kitchen designers interact with clients, we try to understand their needs, their personalities, what they would love in their kitchen spaces. Your preferences are always the starting points of discussions, and we are focused on what the kitchen is going to look like and how we can amplify kitchen designs. Aligning our vision with the clients is being in their shoes, understanding what exactly they want and leveraging our experience as a team to achieve a fun-filled kitchen space where cooking and living are intertwined. 

Walk into our luxury kitchen showrooms and experience for yourself the best design layouts for your luxury kitchen remodel. 

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