Nature-inspired Kitchen Design

08 March 2022
Hacker Kitchen Company

Senior Designer Rohit Patel explains how kitchens can be inspired by nature to improve your sense of wellbeing and create a space you’ll love to spend time in. 

Authentic and calming, nature in kitchen design is a beautiful partnership. A biophilic design that emphasizes human adaptations to the natural world is key to ensuring these beautiful elements are embraced within interior design. With the natural characteristics of wood, stone, plants, and lighting introduced, homeowners enjoy a refreshing atmosphere as they go about daily chores in the kitchen. This inspiration does also enrich one’s state of wellbeing with therapeutic healing effects of nature’s elements. 

 To create a nature-inspired design in your luxury kitchen, here are trends to choose from to make the room feel like an extension of the natural world. 

Intentional biophilic design elements 

  • Nature-inspired kitchens savvily utilize naturally occurring materials of wood and stone throughout kitchen design. Stone renders a distinctive feel and texture for worktops and walls bringing home an invigorating essence of nature. At Häcker, a range of stone fronted, and ceramic doors deliver more meaningful connection to the outdoors. Cabinetry panels in real wood veneers or even laminate wall cladding are popularly used on open shelve features. 
  • Extensive ceilings and windows flood in the natural light of the sun infiltrating spaces from floors to surfaces, ushering in the soothing energy of nature. 
  • Indoor herb gardens carefully crafted with planter boxes can be incorporated into the island or on windows to bring natural ingredients for use in nutritious meals. Pleasing to your senses, these herbs can be used for garnish or displayed as decoration, just the way you’d want them.  

Play of earthy colours and textures 

  • With biophilic kitchen designs based around natural colour palettes, more earthy colour tones and textures are one of the most obvious ways to elevate and change moods within a space. Shades of beiges, creams, and browns render a warm, cosy feel indoors. Velvety blue tones make the place feel cooler and calmer, especially when combined with white-veined stones. 
  • Fruits, foods and spices can often be displayed as a form of decoration, adding a rustic twist to the kitchen décor.  Bring the colour of your herbs or vegetables from mint, sage, lime, grass and green tea to bolder hues including olive and emerald for a totally revitalizing effect. 
  • Evoking nature, Häcker’s pastel green range of modern country kitchen styles are trending, bringing in serene nature’s effect. When combined with wooden elements, they essentially connect us to our healthy natural world and inject some magic into the urban kitchen.  

 Bring back nature’s power into your luxury kitchen remodel using colours, textures and plant decorations, and unwind each day in its tranquil atmosphere. At Häcker, a renowned German kitchen brand, we really go the extra mile for people, and we can can bring to reality even the most demanding request you have.

To begin the transformation of your kitchen into a space for tapping nature’s beauty, get in touch with our team of luxury kitchen designers.  

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