Bespoke Beyond Style: How to Maximise Space in a Compact Kitchen

06 October 2022
Small Kitchen Greens

Functionality is often incorrectly correlated with size when it comes to kitchen design. While larger kitchens will definitely offer a lot more space for storage and work, smaller layouts can be designed intelligently to optimise whatever space is available. Designer Chiara Porcu shares her tips on designing kitchens in small spaces.

Beautiful kitchens can be created in all sizes, but the key is to ensure that they are not only beautiful but also functional. The top priority is to be able to place all appliances and work areas while maintaining enough space for storage. Before we begin with any design, we assess how life is going to be lived in this kitchen and the flow of work within the space. This will help us define the best way to optimise the layout. It will also help us avoid common pitfalls of small kitchens such as overlapping doors or inaccessible appliances.

In a small kitchen it’s important to maximise the space in three dimensions: length, width, and height. Adding cabinetry to the full height of ceiling is a great way to add an extra layer of storage. It’s also ideal to keep the space between the kitchen and the adjacent room such as living or dining open to create a clear flow. 

Adding full height cabinetry helps maximise space in a small kitchen

While internal mechanisms such as drawers and pull outs can be helpful for maximising space, some internal elements can actually take up too much space inside cabinets and encroach on precious space. It’s best to have a good balance between classic shelves and internal accessories to optimise your storage. It is recommended to ensure you have one drawer set of 60 cm.

A compact kitchen in the Palm Jumeirah

While you need to make smart choices in a small space, there are a few things not to sacrifice. A minimum countertop space of 15 – 30 cm should be kept close to the sink and hob to allow you to place tools, pots, and ingredients close to you while cooking and cleaning. Lighting is also essential for small kitchens as they can have many dark corners. Plan for spotlights or LED lighting in strategic areas of the kitchen to help you see clearly in every area. Finally, I recommend selecting a light color for compact kitchens to create the appearance of a larger space. Dark colors can look very elegant, but they do not help enlarge a space.

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