Maximising Kitchen Organisation: Base Unit Storage Systems to Enhance Efficiency

20 June 2023
Hacker Kitchen

When it comes to a bespoke kitchen, one of the most significant luxuries it offers is the ability to plan storage precisely according to your lifestyle. This customisation ensures that every aspect of your kitchen aligns perfectly with your unique needs, making your daily routines more efficient and enjoyable. Designer Linda Daoud lists seven luxurious Häcker base unit storage systems that can transform your kitchen into a streamlined haven of culinary creativity.

Corner Base Unit with Swivel Shelves LeMans
Make the most of your kitchen’s corner space with the LeMans swivel shelves. These cleverly designed shelves rotate smoothly, providing easy access to items stored in the deepest corners. From pots and pans to bulky appliances, LeMans ensures efficient utilisation of space while maintaining accessibility.

Base Unit with Partition for Baguette
Love freshly baked baguettes? This base unit storage system offers a dedicated partition for storing your favorite French bread. Say goodbye to squished or stale baguettes — this specialised compartment keeps them upright and fresh, preserving their delightful texture and flavor.

Base Unit for Towels and Cleansing Detergent
Keep your kitchen tidy and well-stocked with a base unit designed specifically for towels and cleansing detergent. This storage system offers designated compartments to neatly arrange your kitchen towels, ensuring easy access when needed. Additionally, it provides space for storing cleaning solutions, ensuring a clutter-free countertop.

Base Unit with Cooking Agent and Soft-Closing System
Effortlessly streamline your cooking process with a base unit that houses essential cooking agents, such as oils, spices, and condiments. This storage system incorporates a soft-closing mechanism, ensuring gentle closure even when your hands are full. Say goodbye to accidental spills and jars toppling over.

Base Unit with Internal Drawer and Removable Bottle Basket:
Enhance your beverage organisation with a base unit featuring an internal drawer and a removable bottle basket. This system allows you to store various bottle sizes securely while providing easy access. The internal drawer is perfect for storing bottle openers, wine stoppers, and other accessories, keeping everything within reach.

Base Unit for Provisions (Clip-on Shelves with Fixed Bottom and Closed Metal Strip Railing)
Maintain a well-stocked pantry with a base unit specifically designed for provisions. Equipped with clip-on shelves and a fixed bottom, this storage system offers ample space for storing dry goods, canned items, and kitchen staples. The closed metal strip railing ensures items remain securely in place, even during enthusiastic cooking sessions.

Base Unit for Provisions with Internal Pull-Outs Behind Door:
By utilising the internal pull-outs behind the door, you can effortlessly access items stored deep within the base unit. No longer will you need to stretch, strain your arms, or struggle to reach items tucked away at the back. With this innovative design, you can retrieve items from the back of the storage with ease, ensuring that nothing goes unnoticed or forgotten.

Efficiently organising your kitchen is essential for a seamless cooking experience. By incorporating these clever base unit storage systems, you can transform your kitchen into a well-arranged space where everything has its place. Embrace these innovative Häcker solutions and unlock the true potential of your kitchen.

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