Silent-move range of kitchens that reimagine motion and integration

28 October 2021

Kitchens are bustling spaces with loads of activities. Just imagine gliding your way with precision through the most complex culinary pursuits on a silent-move floating kitchen.

Häcker, the German luxury modular kitchens manufacturer, has made working in the kitchen super easy with is smooth-sliding Silent-Move line of luxury kitchens – Phantom Series – that seemingly blend quality, convenience and functionality. This almost magical kitchen creation simply allows you to glide the top of the unit away with the slightest touch rendering an illusion of moveable floating worksurfaces. The perfect combination of texture and movement, delivers sleek design,  increases the use of worksurfaces and provides easy access to stored stuff.

Considering changing lifestyles in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions , the ‘Kitchen in Motion’ designs bring in a more versatile and efficient mobility  in the kitchen. Within months of launch, Silent-Move kitchens were a hit with the Emirate’s discerning client base , who seek and appreciate exclusivity and demand interiors at the pinnacle of industry designs.

Here are the jaw-dropping aspects of the custom-designed Phantom line of kitchens.

  • The Phantom operates on the Silent Move technology to double the available work surfaces on kitchen islands, without permanently losing space in the room. Häcker Kitchen’s patented Silent-Move technology has won the prestigious BMK Innovation award for its cutting-edge kitchen design.
  • A colossal piece of natural stone moveable countertop gracefully floats across the kitchen island. This individually adjustable worktop optimizes the counter to suit a variety of kitchen tasks.
  • An effortless push to the half-ton countertop reveals a beautiful flush mounted sink and induction hob underneath. After food prep chores, the user can simply push back the sliding surface with a single hand.
  • The worktops come in another barrage of unique choices from exotic stone, granite and marble in stunning colours.
  • Handleless base units, high gloss fronts and floral glass create a playful awe-inspiring appeal. The sliding-door cabinets open easily, close gently and give the architecture of the room a spacious feel. Remote controlled doors are another exciting feature to impress even the most fastidious cooks.
  • Unostentatious yet luxurious interiors with top-notch brands of appliances placed in perfect juxtaposition harmonize your pace through an infinite list of activities in the kitchen.

Planning for an on-trend kitchen remodel?

Häcker’s high-end kitchen designs come in a diverse range from elegant minimalist to an ostentatious modern flexible twist. With so many irresistible choices of luxury kitchen designs at hand, deciding could be difficult, but thankfully our well-experienced design team can help you narrow down to the final choice suited to your comfort. The team of luxury kitchen designers at Häcker work in tandem with client’s best interests with an ultimate aim to satisfy expectations. This is the starting point of all conversations and the basis of our versatile network of client relations.

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