Optimising Efficiency Through Kitchen Design

29 March 2022

Designer Amrin Khatoon explains ways to infuse efficiency into kitchen design to minimize effort and movement within. 

From meal preps to cooking and dishwashing, kitchens see a lot of energy-intensive efforts. Historically, kitchens were built without much thought, a space relegated to outsourced help whose comfort was not always a top priority for the homeowner. But as economies grew and the availability of domestic declined, design attention turned to the kitchen. Kitchens soon became the centre for household activity, and the goal with kitchen design became to maximise efficiency. Today, kitchens are a dream. From automated coffee machines that whip up perfect cups of coffee every time, to multi-functional taps that dispense hot water and chilled water seconds apart. Functionality is central to kitchen design and nobody understands that better than Häcker Kitchens. Bringing together the best of German engineering and intelligent design, every Häcker kitchen creates efficiency of movement so seamless, cooking is almost a choreography. 

At Häcker, kitchens are built to last. It’s important to design a kitchen that is as functional and loved years from the day it was first installed and that requires mindful designing. Here are a few ways we bring you thoughtful designs so your kitchens work alongside you at every meal. 

We begin at the kitchen triangle  

At the centre of every contemporary kitchen design is the idea of the kitchen triangle. This is a principle that optimises movement within a kitchen by dividing the space into three zones – the cooking, cleaning, and cooling zones. Simply put, optimal design achieves an equal distance between the three zones forming, conceptually, a perfect space. Equidistant triangle. When applied correctly, the kitchen triangle produces some of the most space efficient kitchens, where everything is always in the right place, and nothing is hard to reach. On ground, the idea presents a few interesting challenges. In generously sized homes, kitchens offer bountiful space which while delightful to the eye, pose much ground to cover for simple activities. At Häcker we try to create smaller zones – to help maintain accessibility – building secondary sinks, near coffee nooks and offering multiple cooking hobs over large counters. With Häcker, a luxury kitchen takes on a new meaning. 

Then comes accessibility  

At Häcker every kitchen is built for the individuals using it. From the height of the countertop to how corner shelves pull out, we make sure that you can reach everything in your kitchen with minimal effort. Touch-sensitive cabinets ensure ease of opening and closing doors, irrespective of height and place. Under-cabinet lights, ensure you can always see what you are reaching for. Orientation-sensitive layouts help make life easier for the often overlooked left-handed folks. 

Followed by storage 

Having enough storage is on the mind of most homebuilders, providing storage in the right places is what occupies designers. From waste segregating pull-outs in cleaning areas to cutlery inserts in cooking areas, each zone in a kitchen requires its own unique storage. At Häcker we use creative storage and organizing solutions are key to maximizing space in high-end kitchen designs. 

And simply the best appliances 

Multi-functional appliances designed for simplicity and ease of use make everyday functions so effortless. Häcker brings you multi-purpose taps by Quooker that dispense boiling, chilled and sparkling water all filtered from one tap taking functionality in modern kitchen design to its most elevated form. The latest addition in Miele appliances, the space-saving steam combination oven seal in nutrients and bring the goodness of steam cooking in the kitchen. Automatic menu options cook different foods simultaneously as per the set sequence while handleless warming drawers slowly cook your food and prewarm crockery to perfection, turning every meal into a sumptuous delight. Convenient timer options offer you freedom and flexibility to concentrate on other things as your food cooks. Built-in top-class coffee machines with intelligent features give you the perfect cup of coffee each morning in just one touch.  

Efficiency in terms of energy-investment and effort-reduction are leading selling points for modern appliances. Equally compelling is minimised energy-consumption. In a world, that’s learning to practice mindful consumption, modern appliances are leading the charge offering low-energy resource-efficient appliances that are better for the planet. 

And last comes lighting 

Beyond improving the overall visibility of the space, ambient lighting serves to maximize both style and efficiency in the kitchen. Modern efficient lighting fixtures that illuminate countertops, sinks, and other areas create an attractive focal area to work. Tasks lighting allows you to slice and dice with precision and safety, while in-built cabinet lighting makes it easier to store and retrieve items. 

At Häcker, a top luxury German kitchen brand, we optimise your dream kitchen to your lifestyle, preferences and specific wants.  If you are rethinking a luxury kitchen remodel for optimising your kitchen flow, reach out to our team of interior designers. 

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