Häcker’s Tropicalised Kitchens: on a Mission to Disrupt the Middle East Kitchen Industry

7 October 2021

A kitchen is the heart of your home and a centerstage of activity. From preparing savoury meals to meaningful conversations over coffee, the kitchen is always a well-utilised space, often entrenched with memories. Häcker Kitchens the definitive German luxury brand offers limitless possibilities to revolutionise kitchen spaces with an elegant fusion of unmatched design expertise and top-of-the-line materials. There’s no end to design imagination for you to get the space you deeply desire. Since 1898, this German kitchen brand epitomises precision, clean design and the love for craft.

Kitchen innovations for the Middle East

Since its inception in 2009, Häcker Kitchens Dubai has been revolutionising the kitchen industry in the Middle East with its tropicalised kitchen models that embody excellence, integrity and durability. Paired back  to essentials, these luxury kitchens are elegant while maintaining ultimate functionality and sustainability. Impressively homeowners are receptive towards bold interior design choices readily embracing exciting kitchen creations. Häcker kitchens grace UAE’s most stunning penthouses – Princess Tower, La Reve, The Fairmont, Oceana, Tiara, Cayan Tower, Orra Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residences, to name a few.

Innovators in the luxury kitchen industry with a benchmark for quality, Häcker manufactures the world’s only 100% tropicalised kitchen. The term tropicalised means adapt for use in tropical climates with resistance to heat and moisture. This implies the kitchen’s suitability to hot and humid climatic conditions prevalent in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. There’s much more to this design aspect and here are the highlights of the unique aspects of tropicalised luxury contemporary kitchens:

  • Specifically designed with the Middle East region in mind, the latest adhesives and laser sealing technology offering high resistance to heat are utilised in the kitchen manufacturing process. This makes the kitchen less permeable by ingress of steam or moisture, thereby prolonging durability.
  • All furnishings and cabinets of tropicalised kitchens are fitted with a sealant that expands and stretches with fluctuations in temperature – robust enough to endure hot and arid climatic conditions prevailing in the UAE and tropical climates of Africa and Asia.
  • Carb 2 standards, the kitchens are totally free from formaldehyde chemicals and other harmful emissions, preserving the quality of air in the interior spaces. Formaldehyde is a colourless chemical used in the manufacturing of pressed-wood products in modular kitchens and does emit toxic gases in heat and humidity climates.  Using the latest laser sealing technology, Häcker has eliminated this harmful chemical altogether from the kitchen.
  • Finally, the kitchens are fully sealed and treated with an anti-fungal layer to withstand the test of time and promote overall well-being.

Häcker’s range of tropicalised kitchen designs are underpinned by excellent quality and sustainability. At Häcker we aim to enlighten homeowners to make informed decisions when designing their luxury open-plan kitchens in the UAE. We get clients to assess what truly makes an excellent kitchen that not only attains superior performance but also promotes their wellbeing — this is what truly defines ultimate luxury.

Feeling like your kitchen designs needs a major makeover?

Specialising in design and installation, Häcker creates luxury modular kitchens as wild as your imagination. Head to our one-of-a-kind kitchen design studio located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai and experience our passion for ultra-luxurious kitchens up close. Get an enthralling glimpse of your kitchen’s potential as our design consultants walk you through our iconic line of high-end tropicalised kitchen designs.

Reach out to our expert designers to find out what designs work best for your lifestyle.

*This blog has been adapted from the article Häcker Kitchens is on a mission to disrupt the kitchen industry in the Middle East’ originally published in Identity, the ultimate lifestyle-magazine.

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