Every Kitchen Tells a Story

11 February 2022

Designer Billy Osborne explores the differences in kitchens across cultures.

Human culture is invariably distinct and intricate. As you travel across different continents, you discover different cultural connotations in art, food, and even daily living. The differences in customs, dining, and climate manifest in kitchens in incredible ways. Häcker understands culinary differences across families and even individuals which is why every kitchen design is carefully are customized to meet individual tastes. After all it is a place where the senses are piqued, recipes are conceived, and the family comes together. 

At Häcker kitchens, we work with you to ensure your kitchen is designed exactly the way you want. Our flawless range of luxury kitchens offer something for every culture by way of versatile colours and a range of textures to achieve stunning effects. 

Here’s a sneak peek into some spectacular kitchen design trends popular in the Middle Eastern, Asian and African regions. This isn’t, by any means, a complete representation of local culture but a highlight of diverse design preferences. 

Middle East 

Based on minimalistic design with multiuse capabilities, Middle Eastern luxury kitchen designs combine metallics and naturals to splendid effect. Monochrome colour schemes and pale wood have dominated contemporary kitchens in the past, but over the years that has moved towards a richer two-toned earthy palette emphasised by contrasting textures. Moroccan inspired tiles and lighting fixtures create vibrant patterns and add splashes of colour. Clay, copper, gold, henna, and ginger juxtaposed with warm deeper hues render an inviting rustic charm that brings the whole kitchen together. 


The sensational kitchens of Africa incorporate chic wood colours, natural greens, white and off-white to sunny pale-yellow shades. Textured wooden cabinets and alternate back-white counters lend these kitchens a timeless charm.  Plants are often a part of the décor. and bold, fascinating antique chandeliers often decorate dining spaces. A trend towards dramatic focal points has these kitchens featuring ultra-modern bronze taps and metallic pendant lights. 


The beauty of an Asian-themed kitchen is the sense of calmness and balance it brings in its sleek kitchen designs with clean lines, muted colours and plenty of natural light. A touch of mysticism and exotic appeal seems to be one of its biggest draws.  Practical and efficient, the cabinetry style is simplistic yet storage-savvy. Asian-styled kitchens have an amazing sense of frugality, eliminating the excess and bringing back the naturals. The seamless marriage of relaxing materials such as natural stone and wooden elements along with elegant ergonomics creates the perfect cooking space. 

Designs that meet you where you are. 

At Häcker, there’s no end to imagination. Whether you want your kitchen in classical elegance, modern simplicity or more finer styling details, the possibilities are endless. 

Häcker manufacturers the world’s only tropicalised range of kitchens specifically designed for the Middle East and Asia-Pacific markets in mind. This makes materials used in the kitchen resistant to humid climatic conditions, foremost in tropical regions. All furnishings and cabinetry are specially treated and sealed with an anti-fungal layer during the manufacturing process. The sealant expands and stretches with fluctuations in temperature making cabinets less penetrable by moisture, therefore increasing durability.  

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