Häcker Kitchens: Cabinets That Embody Style

03 September 2021
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Over a hundred years, Häcker has mastered the alchemy of turning the finest quality of wood, metal, and stone into luxurious and functional kitchens. Presenting a plethora of materials carefully curated for quality, the possibilities of a Häcker kitchen are limitless.  

Our storage solutions are as adaptable as they are striking. Designed to accommodate easy maintenance and intelligent storage, our cabinets feature excellence in every detail. Häcker’s cabinets come in a full range of colours, from plain whites, stunning lava grey to understated champagne with fully customizable interiors to match your preferences. 

Here are a few cabinet designs we think you’ll love! 

Painted fronts

Häcker combines the quality of the finest paints, with time-tested, European colour matching RAL system, to give you an exquisite range of finishes from satin smooth to high gloss. Expert designers can custom make any colour according to your preference to deliver a truly bespoke kitchen design.  

Natural wood fronts

Natural veneer wooden cabinets render a rustic charm and earthy majesty to your kitchen design. Play with dark and light tones to create interesting contrasts and unmissable focal points. Choose between contemporary finishes and traditional shaker style cabinets to give your kitchen an iconic look. 

Glass fronts

Build kitchens that dazzle with luxurious coloured or plain glass displays. Our characteristic forethought has ensured that glass surfaces are carefully treated for reinforced safety. Whether transparent, coloured or frosted, a glass front display unequivocally sets your kitchen a class apart. 

Stone fronts

Evolved over a million years and cut with precision, natural stone surfaces give your cabinet fronts an incomparably bespoke look. A harmonious blend of exquisite patterning and durability, awe-inspiring natural stone adds unspoken intrigue to your kitchen. 


An extensive line of premium knobs, pulls, and intricately designed handles beautifully accessorize cabinet doors. Highlight your style with sleek grips or ornate knobs in a range of materials like polished brass or classic steel.  


Handleless cabinet fronts bring a minimalist, sleek, and streamlined look to your kitchen. Häcker’s handleless cabinets offer unmatched versatility, with their vertical and horizontal alignment options. The grooved strips are available in a variety of colours and finishes and can be integrated with lighting for added magnificence. 

Choosing the cabinet style right for you

There are multitudes of ways to incorporate unique cabinetry into your luxurious kitchen design; from integrating them into your walls to using them to add a pop of colour, the possibilities are virtually limitless. 

To find what kitchen cabinets work best for your lifestyle, consult with our expert designers at Häcker today.

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