Bespoke Beyond Style: Kitchen Layouts

11 August 2022
Downtown Dubai Hacker Kitchen

In this new series “Bespoke Beyond Style” from Häcker Kitchens Dubai, our designers explore the countless ways in which a kitchen can be personalised beyond aesthetic to create a space that works perfectly for the people it is designed for. In this installment, we look into the three types of kitchen layout and the benefits of each with Senior Kitchen Designer Julia Eissing.

One of the most debated topics in the kitchen world surrounds the question of whether a kitchen be open or closed to the rest of the home . At Häcker Kitchens Dubai, we see clients from all over the world every day, and the answer we have found is that there are benefits and drawbacks of each style. In the end, it simply comes down to personal preference and lifestyle.

What defines a kitchen as fully open, semi-open, and fully closed?
By definition, a fully open kitchen has absolutely no walls or separation between this room and the room next to it, which is usually a living room or seating area. A semi-open kitchen is partially closed either by one wall or one wall with a widow. A fully closed kitchen has four walls and a door to completely close it off from other areas of the house

What are the main benefits of a fully open kitchen?

A fully open kitchen in the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

A fully open kitchen is a dream for entertaining as it allows you to cook and socialise with the family or dinner guests while preparing a meal. It opens up a home to create better traffic flow between living zones, making the kitchen more versatile in terms of its use. An open kitchen is also ideal for homes with limited natural light, as it allows for more light to flow between rooms.

As a kitchen designer, I recommend a fully open kitchen in many scenarios. Firstly, if clients if they cook for themselves and enjoy entertaining, this is definitely the best layout. Additionally, if the home is equipped with a back-kitchen (also known as a grease kitchen) that can cope with more fragrant meals and messier preparation, then the show kitchen or front-kitchen should definitely be full open to the living space. A fully open kitchen is also ideal for families for which the kitchen is the heard of the home.

What are the benefits of a semi-open kitchen?

A semi-open kitchen in Sidra, Dubai Hills

A semi-open kitchen is a middle of the road choice, as its name would imply. This layout allows you to hide your clutter without making your space too small or fully compromising on communication with guests and other family members. Perfect for both compact and spacious homes, a semi-open kitchen gives you the airiness of an open kitchen and the privacy of a closed one. If you want to increase your flexibility even further, you can opt to add a bi-folding or sliding door to the open area to close off the kitchen fully when needed.

As a kitchen designer, I recommend a semi-open kitchen for families that have many different people cooking at different times. It is also suitable for families who like to entertain in the kitchen but want the option to hide away clutter. These families may also cook more messy or fragrant meals, but do not have the space in the home for a back kitchen.

What are the benefits of a fully closed kitchen?

A fully closed kitchen in Arabian Ranches, Dubai

Fully closed kitchens are an ideal choice for many families, as they offer complete privacy for the cooking space and block off the rest of the house from the smell and noise of an active kitchen. A fully closed kitchen also offers more countertop space and storage for appliances and crockery.

As a kitchen designer, I recommend this type of layout for people who may employ chefs or other staff to cook for them. If they cook for themselves, they may be concerned about fragrant smells wafting into other parts of the home from the meals they prepare. This layout is also suitable for families whose entertaining does not revolve around the kitchen area.

What is the most trending layout today?

Over the last few years, we have seen fully open kitchens take off as the most popular layout. This is because the definition of a kitchen is changing today, and people don’t see it as a service area anymore but rather a central point in the home where people gather and enjoy time with each other.

Choosing the right layout is only one of the many ways your luxury kitchen can be customised for you. To learn more about creating your own bespoke German kitchen in the UAE, reach out to our designers or visit our showroom in Dubai.

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