Countertops Designed to Inspire Awe

09 November 2021

The centerstage for culinary action, countertops are focal points in every kitchen. Chosen carefully, countertops can set the tone for your kitchen’s style, delivering intelligent functionality and luxurious aesthetics. Functionality mandates durability, and countertops are no exception. At Häcker, kitchens are built with a deep understanding of harmony – the glorious harmony between form and function.    

We bring you premium countertops, perfectly cut and seamlessly integrated that are highly resistant and easy to maintain. But our promise of durability doesn’t compromise style. Here are four luxurious countertop options that grace Häcker kitchens in some of the world’s finest homes. 


Forged in the depths of the earth, from magma the hottest known substance on our planet, granite’s timelessness is set in stone. Granite’s distinctive grain lends your countertops a truly bespoke texture.  This natural stone is heat, stain, and scratch resistant, making maintaining your countertop an effortless task. Recognised for its strength and hard-wearing qualities, granite brings to your kitchen the imposing magnificence of stone.  

Naturally occurring in a range of hues from white and grey through to black, granite offers versatility that makes it at home in both classic and contemporary kitchens. Born from nature, granite offers every kitchen a beautiful pairing of timeless form and resistance.


A crystalline mineral found in higher quantities than granite, quartz ranks 4th hardest on Moh’s scale of mineral hardness. Its hardness only outmatched by diamonds, corundum, and topaz, quartz makes for a durable, wear-hardy countertop. The stone’s beautiful flaking and swirling patterns give each counter a singularly striking look.  

Offering a versatility of colour unmatched by other natural stones, quartz combines harmoniously with a variety of styles, to create an elegant kitchen that is built to reflect you.  


Created from earth, few materials offer the timelessness of ceramic. Offering unparalleled fluidity in form, texture, and colour, ceramic countertops first gained popularity in in the iconic pop-coloured kitchens of the 70s. Reinvented to match contemporary lifestyles, ceramic countertops today offer limitless possibilities of pattern and colour.  

Contemporary ceramics are skillfully combined at high temperatures, delivering beautifully ornate surfaces that inspire praise for their iconic style. Impervious to heat and water, this virtually indestructible composite slab delivers both form and function. 


From Michelangelo’s David to the imposing Taj Mahal, marble has never failed to make a statement. Formed from limestone in the earth’s crust, marble can withstand wear like little else. Skilfully mined, exquisitely veined marble countertops add a masterful blend of sophistication and durability to your kitchen. 

From the classic white with grey veining to singularly luscious green, marble comes in a range of timeless hues. While extremely resilient to pressure, marble is sensitive to acidic liquids, making it important keep your countertops’ sealing reinforced with yearly maintenance. If what you’re looking for in a kitchen is historic magnificence then marble is the way to go.  

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