The Best Countertops for a Busy Kitchen

8 February 2022
Marble Countertop 2

Senior designer John McWhinnie explores factors to consider while choosing a countertop. Read on to find out if stone, wood or engineered countertops are best suited to your kitchen. 

The days when you had to pick between cheery laminate and stoic granite for a kitchen worktop are thankfully, behind us. Contemporary times and the addition of new materials have elevated the once humble worktop to one of the most important decisions in the design process of your new kitchen. A worktop, when well-designed, can provide intelligent functionality as well as an exceptional focal point for everyday living.    

Choosing a countertop requires thought and can be challenging. Here are a few critical considerations to keep in mind when deciding on a countertop for your kitchen:  

Visual Appearance 

Countertops are unmissable focal points in every kitchen. Whether you prefer a classic look or have a turning for the modern, your choice of countertop needs to reflect your personal style. Contemporary countertops offer versatility of both form and structure. Natural stones like granite and marble bring home the rustic grandeur of nature while engineered quartz, porcelain, and stainless steel create elegantly modernist workspaces. 


At Häcker, we understand that no two kitchens are alike. From differences in culinary cultures to the number of individuals a kitchen must accommodate, every kitchen meets a unique set of requirements. Countertops need to accommodate the daily culinary pursuits of the kitchen. Ceramic countertops may be less suited to sustaining high-frequency heavy-impacts. Some materials are more prone to chipping and scratching than others. The intensity and nature of impact your workspace will sustain is an important consideration to account for while picking a countertop. 


At Häcker, kitchens are built to last. Our 20-year warranty comes from our confidence in the quality craftsmanship we bring to each kitchen. At par with intelligent design in every Häcker kitchen, is effortless maintenance. Your choice of countertop influences how frequent and intensive maintenance efforts will be. All our countertops are heat, stain, and wear resistant. However, natural materials like granite, wood and marble require yearly maintenance for sealing. High-impact use could require quartz, ceramic, and stainless-steel countertops to require polishing for upkeep. When committing to a countertop it is important to also assess the kind of maintenance you are committing to.  

Price Performance 

No purchase decision is ever complete without considering price. High-quality kitchen countertops are an investment, and when done right, save you from a lifetime of recurring repair, maintenance, and replacement costs. Natural stone countertops, while rarer and more unique than engineered mineral or wood countertops, can also fall in comparatively higher price ranges. All Häcker-integrated countertops promise rock-solid reliability and timeless style, delivering a uniquely pleasant price performance. 

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Personally, I love the grains and variation in the Calacatta ranges, if I had to choose for myslef alone ceramic would be the winner every time. Speak to a Häcker designer today for personalised advise on the best surface to suit your needs and your home.. 

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