Redefining streamlined – handleless kitchen cabinets

3 September 2021
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Kitchen cabinetry has seen decades of shifting trends. The wooden fronts, the glass displays, the open shelves, the floating shelves, the gables. Cabinets have been modified and remodified to accommodate every style of kitchens and handles are no exception. The pinnacle of modernist refinement, handleless is among the latest trends in contemporary cabinetry. Delivering a beautifully sleek, uninterrupted look, handleless cabinets make the minimalist heart soar and the kitchen a space of visual quiet. Masterfully crafted to integrate finger accommodating channels along the top or side of cabinet doors, handleless cabinets offer versatility of movement. Other benefits of Häcker’s handleless cabinetry include: 

Improved safety

Handleless cabinets mean losing fewer items of clothing to snaring from handles and knobs. These sleek-fronted cabinets have lesser pointed protrusions to cause accidents or restrict movement.  

Streamlined look

Bringing a minimalist, sleek, and streamlined style to your kitchen, handleless kitchens are undeniably elegant. Uninterrupted flat fronts exude an element of sophistication.  

Additional space

Smaller kitchens appear much larger as a handleless style opens up space for a myriad of activities. Unhindered by overhung handles, Smaller kitchens appear much larger as a handleless style opens up space for a myriad of activities. Unhindered by overhung handles, this knob-free kitchen creates a space of singular clarity for your culinary pursuits. 

Effortless experience

Handleless cabinets make cleaning a kitchen a simple experience. Their flat surfaces accumulate less build-up of grime and are much easier to maintain than traditional handles. 
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