Five Things Not to Miss in Your Kitchen Design

25 August 2022

Designing a kitchen is an exciting experience, but during this period of excitement people may often overlook key considerations that greatly improve the functionality or safety of their space. Designer Tarek Dawood shares the top five things he advises clients to always think about when creating their bespoke Häcker kitchen.

Landing Space

Landing space refers to countertop space that allows you to “land” or set down items from service areas, including the fridge or oven. A cooktop and a refrigerator should have at least 15 inches (40 cm) of countertop space on each side when planning your kitchen’s layout. Other small appliances, such as a coffee maker or toaster, should be placed close to the landing spot.

Tarek notes that many times landing areas are not properly planned near ovens or microwaves, leading to safety hazards. If the landing area is too far away, it may take too long to set down hot plates and they can be dropped or scald hands.

Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets can become wasted space in a kitchen design due to difficulty in reaching the edges. Because this is such a common issue, new ideas for improving the functionality of kitchen corner cabinets to make them ideal storage spaces have emerged.

Different solutions include swivel shelves, LeMans shelves, carousels, and more. “Each solution differs in cost, but these internal solutions are well worth the investment to maximise every inch of your space. Speak with your kitchen designer to understand which options work for your space and budget,” explains Tarek.

LeMans shelves from Häcker Dubai

Countertop Corner Safety

Countertops can be finished in a number of ways in a kitchen design, offering a multitude of aesthetic options. However, many of these profiles result in sharp edges. Tarek advises all clients with children to opt for rounded edges instead to ensure the safety of children, whose heads are often exactly counter height.

Organised Waste

Free standing rubbish bins are an eye sore in a kitchen. In addition to ruining the aesthetic of the space, these units can be a tripping hazard and pets can easily open and tip over free-standing units.

Tarek suggests integrated bins instead, as they cleanly and safely hide everything away behind cabinetry that blends with the rest of the kitchen. Häcker bins come with 2 or 4 containers to not only allow for integration of the rubbish bin, but also segmenting recycling.

Integrated rubbish bin from Häcker Kitchens Dubai

Drainage Grooves

Liquid pooling on a countertop can ruin a surface if not dealt with quickly, and with a purely flat surface there is nowhere for a liquid to go.

Drainage grooves are indented into work surfaces on either side of the sink because they allow water and other liquids to drain easily. These cutouts encourage water to move into the sink, keeping your surface safe and tidy. “Drainage grooves are not only effective but they are also an interesting stylistic addition to a kitchen,” Tarek says.

Drainage grooves in a Häcker kitchen in Arabian Ranches, Dubai

Choosing the right elements for your kitchen is easiest when you are supported by experienced kitchen designers. To learn more about creating your own bespoke German kitchen in the UAE, reach out to our designers or visit our showroom in Dubai.

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