Bocci Designer Lights for Luxury Contemporary Kitchens

10 April 2022
Bocci lights

The kitchen is the hub of activity from food preparation, cleaning, eating and socializing. Hence variety of tasks need to be amply illuminated with ultra-modern ambient and task lighting elements, that set the ambience and accommodate your style in kitchen design. Lighting can be put to a combination of effects to maximise comfort, wellbeing and productivity in luxury kitchens.

A world leader in contemporary lighting design, Bocci stunning light solutions range from vibrant pendant luminaires, artistic units to exquisite chandeliers. Fostering a lateral relationship between creative direction and craft, the lighting options come with a contemporary design twist and are a popular choice in luxury modern kitchens. Bocci continues to create enchanting lighting patterns with the 14 series frosted glass, 21 porcelain series and 28 series distorted spheres of blown glass. Vigilant about the environment, these lighting series are created from recycled glass and their packaging materials are repurposed. 

Here are the fascinating complexities of Bocci’s stunning lighting elements: 


As mini buds of light, single pendant light designs on-trend instantly uplift the appeal of high-end kitchen designs. Made by a fascinating process of heating and cooling molten glass onto solid glass, the best-seller 14 series collections are made from orbs of cast-blown glass and the 28 series features bubbles of milky glass that seem to float in mid-air forming a dreamy vibe.  


Multiple chandeliers create large configurations and each individual suspended pendant within is an articulated cast glass sphere with a frosted cylindrical void that houses an LED lamp. In this collection, you’ll find everything from multiple pendants to elaborate clusters that make an impact when installed in luxury contemporary kitchens. Popular applications include hanging above kitchen dining tables, kitchen islands, breakfast bars, accessory lighting for stairwells and foyers. 

Table and wall lights 

Bocci pendants can be used as table lighting fixtures, that house an integral dimming system within a sleek brass cylinder. The black fabric cord is semi-rigid and the brass stand has a small notch on the underside, allowing it to be hung on a wall if desired. The interior cavities are designed to put plants inside combining nature and man-made materials or can be left plain for a more minimalist look. When the piece is lit, they come alive to reveal a world of playful and abstract aesthetics.  

Artistic lights 

Authentic illuminated works of art, elegant and original in design are substantiated in authentic sculptures. Its collections include unique pieces in shape and design, with custom-made lighting systems. Each individual piece may be simple, but the creation process, composition and height from the ceiling and juxtaposition to other pieces transform it into a one-of-a-kind installation piece that truly inhabits a space. 

Integrated light elements  

Highlighting, low lighting, and accenting are subtle ways to guide the eye to the areas where attention is utmost needed. Clever use of different featured lighting solutions such as flush built-in LED cabinet lighting, linear lights and spotlights, integrated into the bottom of upper cabinets and shelves create an awe-inspiring effect.  

Give your luxury kitchen a luminous lift 

At Häcker, a top luxury German kitchen brand, we present a range of carefully curated, versatile designer light fitting to give your kitchen a luminous lift. Emitting vivid reflective glow suitable for modern kitchen spaces, Bocci lights are manufactured to sophistication with conscientious craftsmanship. Excellent quality and unique design make this luminaire globally renowned. Add a touch of creativity and natural beauty to your luxury kitchen interiors with extraordinary lamp collections from Häcker Kitchens.  

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