Vintage Wine Cabinets That Exude the Love of Wine

11 April 2022
Wine cabinets

Classy and sophisticated, wine is an important part of food culture during celebrations and festivities. Getting your friends or family members gathered around the island to sit, sip and entertain is a privilege in your private space. With food and beverage counters, a wine cellar is a perfect addition to your multi-functional luxury kitchen space. And if you are one of those wine aficionados, then a dedicated cellar storage space can flaunt your finest collection of champagnes.  

Regardless of whether you drink red, white or sparkling wine, stylish wine cabinets are perfect for connoisseurs and collectors and are fully integrated into the kitchen to great effect. Whether it’s a secret stash of wine under the kitchen counters or a custom wine bar, we pick the perfect spot to preserve your wine and provide easy access. At Häcker, we design wine climate cabinets in seamless cellar designs to display your vintage collections in the most striking way.   

Häcker Kitchen’s fully integrated wine cabinets are a complete architectural marvel for modern entertaining kitchen spaces and here are their key design features:  

Pull-to-open design  

The slightest touch of the hand allows you to reveal the interiors and pull-to-open extendable trays in beech or aluminium present your collection with due reverence. Beautifully crafted oak racks and grooves hold the bottlenecks in place to prevent them from rolling around. Fantastic accessories of trays and presenters perfectly set your wines on the table for easiest use. 

Glare-free lighting   

Open-assist UV-protected glass doors flaunt bottle collections on their side and make labels easier to read. Glare-free LED light with pre-programmed dimmable options stunningly exhibit your coveted collection of champagnes casting them under gorgeous glow and adding warmth to interiors. The eye-catchy illumination is sure to inspire your guests and spark conversation on prized collection.  

Fine finesse 

A cohesive balance of form and function, cellar units bring new standards of convenience and quality to any contemporary kitchen design. As a seamless cooling wall behind its door frames of stainless-steel materials, with or without handles, lies a sanctuary free from even the slightest micro vibration. Elegantly crafted wooden racks ensure wines are stored at the correct angle and remain undisturbed till use.   

Touch display temperature control   

Storage has a direct influence on the taste, aroma and quality of wines. Running quietly, a low vibration compressor and an activated charcoal, antimicrobial filter ensure your wine is maturing in ideal condition. Pleasant touch displays enable precise three temperature control zones to replicate perfect cellar temperatures where humidity, light and vibration are kept constant to help wine age elegantly. 

Maximize your wine enjoyment in the kitchen 

Distinctive integrable aesthetic that places utmost importance on refinement and luxurious minimalism, Häcker’s wine cabinets are engineered to respect your living spaces and in turn facilitate a seamless, stylish and remarkably clean look in your luxury contemporary kitchens. Our team of luxury kitchen designers are totally focused on presenting versatile storage solutions for wine lovers to ensure they always enjoy your wine while dining. 

Drop by our luxury kitchen showroom to see how best we can discreetly display your pride of wine in your high end kitchen design. 

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