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  • Häcker kitchen in Dubai Marina
    Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

    Are you planning a kitchen renovation? Before you dive into the exciting world of redesigning the heart of your ho...

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  • Kitchen Trends 2024
    2024 Kitchen Trends Predictions

    In the ever-evolving world of interior design and home décor, the heart of the home, the kitchen, continues to be ...

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  • Häcker Kitchens Dubai
    The Versatility of Kitchen Islands

    In the realm of kitchen design, one element stands out as a true powerhouse of versatility—the kitchen island. Far...

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  • Hacker Luxury Kitchens
    How Can Kitchens Be More Sustainable?

    At Häcker Kitchens, our unwavering commitment to sustainability and safety is not just a mere aspiration; it’...

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  • Hacker Designers
    How a Designer Plans Your Kitchen

    Designing a kitchen involves much more than choosing colour schemes and selecting appliances. It requires a deep u...

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  • Open Kitchen Hacker
    Combi Living Dining

    Combining your living and dining spaces is a trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years. With the rise...

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  • Design Trends for 2023

    Kitchen design has come a long way in the past few decades. From functional and practical to stylish and modern, t...

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  • Downtown Dubai Hacker Kitchen
    Bespoke Beyond Style: Kitchen Layouts

    In this new series “Bespoke Beyond Style” from Learn More

  • Handleless 1
    Redefining Streamlined – Handleless Kitchen Cabinets

    Senior Designer Julia Eissing talks about the latest trend in kitchen design – the handleless cabinet. Learn More

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