All You See is Clarity With Invisible Downdraft Ventilation Series

13 February 2022

Designer Tarek Dawood explains what makes invisible extractors the perfect choice for every kitchen.  

Unpleasant smells and cooking fumes can quickly cloud the kitchen air, making a direct ventilation system near the cooking area indispensable. The commonly installed overhead rangehoods efficiently suction smoke, steam and grease from the cooktop areas, expelling it through a vent. The emergence of the downdraft ventilation series has completely changed kitchen design. 

A downdraft range integrates the ventilation system directly in the cooking surface, eliminating the need for an overhead vent. Here are a few credulous reasons why downdraft ventilation series are quintessential for every contemporary kitchen: 

Visual minimalism, maximum efficiency  

Take advantage of the view outside your window by installing your cooktop in front – without having to worry about anything above. The absence of a looming overhead rangehood, makes it an easier space for guests to socialise in, even as you cook. Uniting cooking areas with entertaining spaces in the open plan kitchen concept, this exceptional ventilation system prevents steam from permeating ambient air. The vent’s discreet presence and quiet efficiency facilitate modern culinary feats in line with aesthetical leanings. With a range of appliances blending into one, the extractor’s discretion continues unseen until it emerges, keeping the kitchen steam, vapour and aroma-free and clearing the air and view above. It’s only clear visibility between cooks and their guests.  

Extraction unseen  

Table vents regulate airflow behind-the-scenes, capturing vapours near source and guiding it out. Slim in design, the extractors are the perfect match for minimalist luxury open plan kitchens and cooking islands. Hidden integration adjacent or between cooktops allow more control over layout design relegating an extractor a purely functional detail.  

Quietly efficient  

V-shaped filters utilise high performing fans to achieve a phenomenally high vapour catch rate, even on minimum settings. It’s smart automatic sensors instantly detect and inconspicuously extract even the slightest smell in the quietest manner. The downdraft vent series present a framed versus frameless range of induction enabled cooking using cookware up to 32 cm wide.  

Effortless cleaning  

Downdrafts present the smoothest surface for cleaning and unrivalled hygiene. Ergonomic handles make filters easy-to-remove and guided exit prevents oil spills. The grease tank’s versatile design ensures it remains upright protecting the worktop from contaminants. Perfectly symmetrical shapes and dual filters ensure no residue is left in the housing and reinsertion is effortless.  

Highly efficient ventilation systems for a luxury kitchen remodel  

Assiduous cooks know the significance of fresh air-quality in luxury kitchen design. Häcker Kitchen’ partner with the best-in-class brands to bring you sleek yet powerful ventilation systems that seamlessly blend in luxury modern kitchen designs.

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