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The Most Desirable Partners for the Most Desirable Kitchens.

From surface specialists to top tier appliances, Häcker partners with the best-in-class brands in each industry to deliver kitchens of the highest quality.

Resonating intelligent design, Häcker’s range of intriguing illuminants set the perfect mood and elevate the craft of cooking. Our thoughtfully created range of lights, provide functional illumination, accentuate style and offer versatile automation features. Choose from our exquisite range of elegant luminaires to light up your kitchen space.

A world leader in contemporary lighting design, Bocci manufactures sophisticated artistic lights with conscientious craftsmanship. Excellent quality and unique design make this luminaire globally renowned. Choose from a range of carefully curated, versatile designer lights to give your kitchen a luminous lift.

Guardians of good style, Vitra offers soul-stirring design characterised by avant-grade shapes. The brand’s furniture line creates beautiful and vibrant living spaces, and their collections of classic and contemporary pieces leave you spoilt for choice. Built in Switzerland, Vitra equips you to create inspirational spaces for inspired living.

The legendary Rolf Benz creates its furniture in the magical Black Forest range in Germany. Explore furniture made on the ethos of freistil, a German term meaning unrestricted. Every furniture is imaginatively crafted, with no rules except those that apply to quality craftsmanship, lending your kitchen the splendour of forests and timelessness of ancient mountains.

Unrivalled in furniture design, hülsta offers furniture beautifully crafted, high-quality furniture that will instantly uplift the space it is in. From classic white to furniture in ultra-modern colour combinations, the brand offers choices to match all styles. Elevate your kitchen with bespoke furniture featuring the highest quality workmanship, made exclusively from sustainably sourced wood.

Netherland based Quooker prides itself on the unmatched convenience its faucet lends to a kitchen. An unmissable feature of the modern kitchen, A Quooker saves precious space on your worktop. The brand’s stringent quality and safety checks ensure that every faucet is carefully crafted to deliver only the purest water exactly the way you like it.

Statement-making kitchen sink and faucet units define Blanco. Thoughtful attention to detail and integrated water dispensing solutions, serve your water exactly the way you want it and leave your kitchen impeccably styled. The brand’s tap and sink units make everyday kitchen life not only easier but more stylish, too.

Creating uniquely pleasurable experiences, Franke offers smart and multi-functional systems tailored to individual kitchens. Characterised by innovative engineering and outstanding design, the brand’s impeccable range of sinks, faucets, filtration systems, and allied accessories are designed to elegantly accommodate the versatility of every cook.

A specialist in designer fittings and accessories for kitchens and living spaces, Dornbracht delivers on its promise of innovative German technology and outstanding quality. Crafted with careful precision and seamless aesthetics, the brand’s kitchen fittings elevate culinary pursuits with quiet efficiency and ease.

From the shores of Italy, the Ceramica Group brings you SapienStone, a brand that crafts exquisite countertops combining ceramic clay and mineral colouring. Elevate your kitchen style with an exhaustive range of colours and finishes that accommodate sensibilities ranging from ultra-modern to classic.

Born from the magnificent Spanish coastline, Compac is an exceptional alchemist of natural stone. The brand specialises in marble and quartz surface coverings, providing quality and distinction like never before. Fitted to perfection, Compac’s countertops showcase design elegance and emanate light and sophistication in equal measure.

The new ultra-compact surface by the Consentino group, Dekton offers elegant fusions of porcelain, glass, and quartz, crafted for strength and versatility of use. Open up a world of design possibilities and ultimate customizability with the brand’s incredible range of sizes and thicknesses.

An indisputable leader in countertops for 25 years, Silestone by the Consentino Group is a leading producer of elegant and resilient natural quartz worktops. Silestone offers integrated solutions that meet the most stringent requirements for maintenance and durability, combined with arresting design.

At the forefront of high-quality stone surfaces, Consentino is a leading producer and distributor of natural stone and innovative architectural surfaces for the world of design and architecture. The Spanish company offers some of the most exquisite, cutting-edge and top quality brands and products in the market.

Inspired masterminds of kitchen appliances, Bora’s engineering ingenuity elevates every kitchen. The German brand’s cooktops and extractor hoods are designed to integrate into a wide range of kitchen design configurations. Its appliances seamlessly blend into luxurious spaces with no compromise in performance or style, giving you absolute freedom to design your dream kitchen.

Recognised for outstanding engineering, Siemens kitchen appliances have revolutionised the modern home. Energy efficiency, green technology, leading design, and beautiful efficiency makes the brand’s kitchen appliances an object of quiet beauty. Siemens home appliances enable you to experience the future of living, today.

Iconic design and unparalleled performance set Sub-Zero’s home preservation systems a class apart. The brand’s iconic stainless steel and panel-ready finishes complement, anchor, and blend to luxuriously accommodate every kitchen style. With its unrivalled range of refrigerators and freezers made from the finest materials, the most advanced technology, and state of the art craftsmanship, Sub-Zero is a brand for the world’s finest homes.

Master connoisseurs of refrigeration, cooking, and dishwashing, Wolf has placated even the most demanding of chefs for over 70 years. Dedicated to equipping functional and flexible kitchens, the brand’s hand-crafted and contemporary designs can be found in the world’s most luxurious homes. Incorporating intuitive technology and superb ergonomics, Wolf’s appliances make culinary pursuits a science.

A pioneer of revolutionary home appliances, Gaggenau lends the amateur chef, the opulence and efficacy of professional culinary technology. Synonymous with exclusive culinary culture since its inception in 1683, the German brand defines standards in the private kitchen sector with its award-winning appliances designed to provide luxurious functionality and exceptional resistance.

For over 12 decades, Miele has remained true to their promise – Immer Besser – forever better. A leading manufacturer of premium appliances, the German brand’s range of luxurious home appliances make everyday living smarter. Defined by timeless elegance and innovative design, these appliances have a long history of creating trust.

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